When there’s no room for error: Connected Solutions and the pharma cold chain.

Only with Connected Solutions, transport managers in the pharma cold chain can be confident they know what’s happening and where.

A good call: knowing your options in transport refrigeration

These days the fleet manager is presented with a wide array of transport refrigeration options. In fact with so much choice it can be a challenge to be sure you’re consistently selecting the right technology for the right vehicle, power source, and journey type.

Power up: the search for an ‘all-electric’ transport solution

‘Going electric’ is definitely an idea shaping the future investment decisions of many a transport manager. Some will see it as the obvious way to run a sustainable fleet. For others, electric trucks and vans will help them comply with various noise and emission standards. What’s more demand is growing, which in turn is putting

Connected benefits: putting customer value at the heart of our telematics offering

Telematics and refrigerated transport certainly looks like a match made in heaven. The ability to combine an equipment-based system with data logging, satellite positioning, and real-time data communication, promises much in terms of: Saving money (including the cutting of fuel costs) Improved asset utilization (less downtime) Smarter operations (with activities such as proactive maintenance) That’s why at least one analyst

Taking the pulse of the market: how the CV Show sets the stage for 2019

The headlines from this year’s CV Show at the NEC in Birmingham were what you’d expect: It remains Britain’s biggest largest road transport and commercial vehicle event It’s also the best attended, with over 20,000 business visitors Once there you’ll find a host of new innovations being presented by leading suppliers But as the dust settles on another hectic show

Putting insight to work: the value of Connected Solutions

Data. We all know its importance, and that the cold chain of the future will be a fully ‘data-driven’ endeavor. The question for most fleet owners however is what should we be doing with data today?

Keeping it cool – Past, Present, and Future

Thermo King and Frigoblock have a long tradition of helping customers access the technologies they need to sustain an effective cold chain – and we’re not finished yet!

“The best decision we’ve ever made” – Thermolite™ solar panels in action

It’s estimated that only one-billionth of the Sun’s total energy output actually reaches Earth. Luckily that’s more than enough to charge ThermoLite™ solar panels, and to open up any number of brightly lit, radiant, and red-hot sales opportunities! What’s more it’s an easy conversation to have, with the focus on increasing asset uptime and cutting

The TK Video Collection: lights, camera, action!

There’s a reason over 500 million hours of video is watched on YouTube each and every day. Yes, people love cats that can play pianos. But equally in a world of information overload, they like to see rather than read. Then there’s the role of video for inspiring your day-to-day activities: In training – where research

Thermo King’s E-200 is the big winner at Transpotec 2019

With over 41,000 visitors, including leading distribution companies and top international buyers, Transpotec Logitec certainly ticks all the right boxes. And that’s not just because it’s Italy’s biggest transport and logistics exhibition. There are also the much-coveted awards – the transport ‘Stars’ – that recognize outstanding performance in the fields of efficiency, safety, digitization, and

Making the right choice: staying ahead of the game in refrigerated transport

The days of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to cold chain logistics could soon be behind us. Particularly when it comes to delivering loads in city centers, where the pressure is growing to reduce noise pollution and vehicle emissions.

Thermo king recognizes 2018 dealer award winners

Awards were flying thick and fast at the annual Thermo King dealer conference held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The big winner, scooping up the 2018 EMEA Dealer of the Year award, was Servo King of Austria – which was also also named Aftermarket/Service Dealer of the Year. “At Thermo King and Frigoblock we take pride

The right temperature control for semi trucks – the 6 key questions to ask

“So many choices, so little time”, as the saying goes. Or more accurately: “having more options doesn’t necessarily help us make better decisions”.

A ‘how to’ guide for managing risk across the cold chain

Spoilage: one word that highlights the impact of risk not being effectively managed across a cold chain. It’s a universal problem too judging by the numbers:

The power of 5: our top best practice recommendations for the cold chain                

OK, maybe best practice is an over-used word these days. Another ambiguous addition to the marketer’s dictionary. But actually, what it represents is real, practical value, born from hard-won experiences and proactive advice– mixed with the latest technologies and industry thinking.

The most common cold chain breaches – and what to do about them

Breaches in the cold chain can quickly lead to a degradation of product quality and safety. Here we offer best practice advice for avoiding ‘thermal abuse’.

Thermotopia: are you ready to get involved?

The IAA trade fair in Hannover this September was another huge affair, and a melting pot for all things mobility, transportation, and logistics. Yet despite all the razzmatazz and news coming out of the show, there was only one question that most delegates really wanted answered: what is Thermotopia? Yes it was clearly the theme for the booths of

Thermo King in action: virtual reality delivered at IAA 2018

At this year’s IAA trade fair in Hannover, Thermo King and Frigoblock turned up with something a little different to grab the attention of delegates: virtual reality. It was an imaginative concept (even if we do say so ourselves!) designed to show delegates how the technologies of today are already helping shape expectations for tomorrow; and to

The hard knock life of a seagoing refrigerated reefer and the alternative solution

Reefers have a hard life, particularly at sea. All of which helps explain how rail is becoming a more attractive proposition, and here we explore the key reasons why.

Maintaining control from a distance – 3 cold chain monitoring solutions

There are many things that can go wrong in the cold chain as you move loads from A to B. Here’s a brief overview of 3 technologies that will always keep you in the know.

Saying no to thermal injury and spoilage: why temperature control matters

The quality, longevity (read: shelf life), and safety of foods in any cold chain are governed by two principle values: time and temperature. Both have a big impact on the growth of microorganisms, including pathogens that grow on or in a product. Indeed the role of chilling (to temperatures usually between 0°C and +5°C) and

Fuel economy – cutting the cost of running refrigeration equipment

There has never been a more important time to try to maximize fuel efficiency in order to maintain profit levels for your business.

From storm to smooth sailing: the advantages and disadvantages of sea transport

Shipping is the mode favored by many for long distance freight carriage, but when compared to new alternatives, can you be sure you’re it’s always the best choice?

EU CO2 Regulations for 2020 – what you need to know when buying a light Commercial Vehicle ( LCV)

Europe is on a mission. Its goal: to eradicate emissions from road transport by 2050. Indeed, all EU member states have already agreed to reduce their total greenhouse emissions 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

The right temperature control for semi trucks – the 6 key questions to ask

“So many choices, so little time”, as the saying goes. Or more accurately: “having more options doesn’t necessarily help us make better decisions”.

The makings of a good integrated solution

Becoming an integrated solution provider brings with it a compelling central promise: the ability to get closer to your customers. To have more ‘strategic’ conversations over their refrigeration needs versus a pure product (read: tactical) sell.

The 7 benefits of solution selling

You know the importance of building a closer relationship with your customers. By combining expertise, convenience and practical know-how, you are their go-to person for refrigeration advice.

Telematics: keeping transport on track for food retailers

Have you ever talked telematics with your customers before? If not there’s a wide range of reasons to do so, and an array of benefits open to both you and your clients.

The sustainable cold chain – 6 ideas for cutting back on emissions

Retailers and transport companies don’t want to be responsible for the end of the world. For the oceans boiling, ice caps melting, and cities becoming encased in smog. Likewise (and more realistically) you don’t want to fall foul of environmental regulation, including the upcoming EU legislation on CO2 emissions.

ColdCube™ Line Gets an Upgrade!

ColdCube Connect – Now with Bluetooth Available in five different sizes and 16 options, and built for the toughest environments, Thermo King’s extended ColdCube line fits every need … especially now that Bluetooth connectivity has been added to the long list of features. Bluetooth offers total visibility, turning a customer’s mobile device into a wireless

Small B-Series Now Offers Big Features

B-Series Connects with TracKing™ and the Pharma Industry Every vehicle fitted with a Thermo King B-Series unit can now have TracKing GPS/GPRS technology, bringing full remote monitoring of critical data to our customers 24/7. Already delivering outstanding refrigeration capacity for small trucks and vans, the B-Series with TracKing can also follow, monitor and trace shipments

Now Taking Orders for SLXi Hybrid

SLXi Hybrid Available for Orders Enough talk; it’s time to sell the power of innovative thinking! The SLXi Hybrid, available in single- and multi-temperature models, is ready for order. Customers will benefit from the automatic selection of diesel or electric power, guaranteeing seamless load protection, as well as reduced noise levels required in restricted areas,