Cold Storage Solutions

Ultra low temperature, flexible and adaptable refrigerated solutions

Thermo King’s Cold Storage Solutions offer various customizations and upgrades on Magnum Plus® and SuperFreezer to optimize enduser experience on storage and protection of temperature sensitive perishables and pharmaceuticals for use in temporary refrigerated storage worldwide – at temperature set-points between -70° Celsius to + 40° Celsius.

Performance is exceptional, providing highest cooling capacity in combination with precise temperature control from fresh to deep frozen, even in the most severe applications (high ambient temperatures, frequent door openings, long running hours).

Cold Storage Solutions

Thermo King’s standard marine reefer offering creates a premium product experience in lots of applications through relevant customization on the foundation of tried and tested marine products. Magnum Plus® and SuperFreezer are designed for seagoing reefer applications, but can naturally be used on land – just plug in the 360-500 Volt 50 or 60 Hz power supply, and you get cold or frozen temperatures in the container.


  • Fast pull-down, tight temperature control, total protection where you need it.
  • Box temperatures between +40°C and -40°C in ambient conditions up to +50°C.


  • Ultra-low temperatures down to -70°C.
  • Protect valuable pharmaceuticals or blood plasma.
  • Exceptionally high performance to preserve first-day product freshness of your seafood.

A complete portfolio of Cold Storage Solutions:

Temperature control for the pharma and other applications

The variety of applications is only limited by the end user’s imagination. Cold Storage Solutions can be used for unplanned temporary cold storage requirements for super- and hypermarkets or manufacturing that need additional storage capacity. With the rise of temporary cold storage needs for pharmaceuticals and extra capacity in hospital environments, Thermo King’s Cold Storage Solutions offer safe, effective, flexible and mobile storage as well as temporary testing capabilities in low or ultra low temperatures.

Qualified and validated

Thermo King reefer units are manufactured in accordance with global guidelines as ISO 9001/14000 and the unit performance complies with ISO 1496-2/ATO/ATP/USDA/CE regulations to give peace of mind to end users worldwide. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for Pharma are also met through additional testing and certification.

Capabilities that give you the edge

We have an extensive range of options and accessories enabling you to create the exact Cold Storage Solution you need. Call or write to us to review your specific application needs. With customized hardware and software solutions we have the perfect match to protect your cargo and valuable products.

Why your customers would choose Cold Storage Solutions:

  • Flexibility and ease to scale up or down
    as your demands shift
  • Various customizations and upgrades
    to optimize end-user experience
  • Complies with various regulations 
    to give peace of mind
  • Flexible and innovative solutions
    for goods in transit and storage
  • Integrated support 
    from international dealer network
  • Market-leading