Customers and regulations demand more conscious and eco-friendly operations, so we’ll help you deliver. From handy emission-saving solutions to fleet-wide integrated systems, find everything you need to make smarter, more sustainable solutions -and reach tangible ESG results.

Battery packs for sustainable cooling

Energ-e Pack
A battery power source for your electric trailer refrigeration unit, eliminating the need to run your engine.
e-Cool Pack
A battery power source to sustainably power your truck and container refrigeration units.
Battery Performance Dashboard
Go for a smooth and worry-free electric transition with near real-time insights on unit battery performance.

Upgrades to maximize your sustainability

ThermoLite Solar Panels
Avoid a flat battery when your unit is stationed or turned off.
Energy Curtain
Keep the cold air in and the heat out, and cut back on fuel and emissions.

More to Max

Don’t want to stop here? Neither do we. Explore the other ways we help you Max your cool.

Bring uptime to an all-time high, keeping your units going and earning for longer.
Save smart on fuel efficiency and cut back on maintenance costs.
Gain more visibility into your operations with our extensive telematics portfolio.

Achieve more impact with the
support of your dealer

Aiming for a lower carbon footprint? Want to step up your electric game? Let our dealers advise you on the right services and solutions to maximize your sustainability.