Our remote temperature control solutions introduce greater visibility, remote monitoring, and proactive control into your day-to-day operations:


track vehicle and cargo regardless of location

as standard

demonstrate the condition of any load in transit

gives you the power to react to any new challenge

Turning data into
practical intelligence

With Connected Solutions comes the promise of smarter fleet operations. These are technologies designed to generate intelligence on the events and values that matter most to your operation – from door openings and ambient temperatures, to vehicle fuel levels and driver behaviours.

Putting this data to work gives you the ability to track and trace the condition of individual deliveries across your extended fleet. As a result you’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels to meet any regulatory requirements, and respond instantly to potential problems.

Stand yourself out
from the competition

Thermo King’s Connected Solutions portfolio offers innovative data storage, transfer and management solutions to give you a competitive edge in the transport of temperature sensitive cargoes, regulatory conformity, fleet usage, and data control.

For the short overview, click on the animated video below:

Installing remote temperature control solutions

There are 2 options to install Connected Solutions into your TK unit: activating your build-in TK BlueBox (SLXi) and retrofitting TK BlueBox in your existing Thermo King unit.

1. SLXi: activating TK BlueBox

Thermo King installed TK BlueBox into your SLXi unit. In 4 easy steps, you can enjoy Connected Solutions.

  1. Choose your package from our portfolio.
  2. E-mail your nearest dealer.
  3. Your dealer will activate your build-in TK BlueBox from his own office.
  4. Enjoy remote temperature control solutions on Thermo King’s platform (or a platform of your choice)

2. Other units: retrofitting TK BlueBox

In Thermo King’s other units, a retrofit is necessary to install TK BlueBox.

  1. E-mail your nearest dealer for an appointment.
  2. Bring in your unit.
  3. Your dealer will install TK BlueBox in less than half a day.
  4. Enjoy remote temperature control solutions on Thermo King’s platform (or a platform of your choice)

Connected Innovation:

TracKing is a GPRS/GPS temperature and asset management system that provides you with visibility of different loads from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Once activated you’ll have real-time temperature, location, and alarms information on your refrigerated fleet 24/7 – alongside dashboards and an extensive set of reports. Armed with such information, you’ll be able to increase fleet efficiency and significantly reduce the potential for cargo loss.

Connected Thinking:
TK Reefer App

To help improve the level of real-time intelligence available to fleet managers on the condition of their refrigeration equipment, Thermo King has introduced the TK BlueBox.

This is a system that comes as standard on the SLXi platform of trailer units, and offers the raw data needed to help you improve both fleet efficiency and the quality of delivered cargo.

To access the data, you only need the TK Reefer app, which is a free of charge app that enables remote Bluetooth connectivity to your SLXi unit.

Why your customers would choose us too

  • Market-leading
    track and trace solutions
  • Real-time access 
    to load temperatures out on the road
  • Information and alerts 
    on the condition of individual cargoes
  • Visibility of key operational metrics 
    and driver behaviour
  • Integrated support 
    from international dealer network