As the share of electric reefer units increases in refrigerated transport, so does the need for reliable data on battery pack performance and vehicle range.

TracKing features a separate dashboard to remotely monitor battery levels, location, and charging status of all electric units in your fleet. Alerts and recommendations allow quick response should issues arise, so your fleet gets back on the road as soon as possible. Additionally, all battery management data is easily integrated into third-party apps for a consolidated view.

Both our web-based and mobile apps grant fleet operators and drivers easy access to the critical information needed for smooth and quiet electric deliveries.

  • Remotely monitor your unit’s remaining battery capacity in real time
  • Check time to full charge for stationed units
  • View leftover range in kilometers
  • Graph overview of set points, door openings, return air, charging levels, and
controller switches of the past 3 hours
  • Benchmark performance to other units
  • Detailed info per 15-minute interval
  • Access separate tab with alerts and notifications
  • Take instant action with clear recommendations
  • Contact drivers and share info from inside the app
  • Avoid downtime with preventive maintenance