Uptime is a fleet’s gold standard. Keeping you out on the road, that’s our standard. With increasingly connected systems and maximum dedication from our uptime experts, you’re guaranteed the best and fastest support while out on the road.

Ready to maximize your uptime? Discover our smart services and digital solutions right below.

Stay ahead with intelligent telematics

A smart data recorder that registers all information you need to optimize your fleet and operations, and power your telematics.
An easy and intuitive online platform that gives you historical and real time visibility of your fleet and its cargo.
Mobile Apps
Track and Monitor your fleet on your mobile phone and receive custom alerts and notifications.

Services that keep you on the road

Repair and Maintenance
With a repair and maintenance contract, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equipment will receive regular servicing and swift repairs, improving uptime and maximizing productivity for your business.
Remote Monitoring and Intervention
Protect your unit and cargo on the road with our 24/7 Fleet Monitoring service. Round-the-clock, real-time monitoring and response performed by real experts to
ensure your peace of mind.
Breakdown Assistance
Call us 24/7 for multilingual support on Thermo King equipment or trailer related breakdown.
Blue Track Select Dealerships
Our quality label for dealers, assures you of exceptional customer service dedicated to driving your uptime.

Upgrades to maximize your uptime

Upgrades to protect your equipment

Evaporator guard
Protect your evaporator during loading and unloading.
Snow cover
Keep snow and ice away from fans.
Hose cover
Protect your hoses and cables from extreme weather conditions and hardships on the road.
EnergyOne Batteries
Reduce the risk of a flat battery and ensure you and your unit can power through.

Control and optimize your fuel consumption

Fuel Sensor
Monitor your fuel levels, keep your trucks going and prevent out-of-fuel shutdowns.
Fuel Primer Kit
Prevent breakdowns and reduce call-out costs with a fuel filtration and priming system.
Fuel Tank Cleaning
Get your fuel tanks cleaned and treated by your dealer to remove any contaminants.

Maximize your uptime
with Thermo King Genuine Parts

The best guarantee for uptime is to perform repairs and maintenance with original quality. Thermo King Genuine parts are designed and tested for durable performance, day after day.

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More to Max

Don’t want to stop here? Neither do we. Explore the other ways we help you Max your cool.

Limit your fleet’s footprint and step up your electric game.
Save smart on fuel efficiency and cut back on maintenance costs.
Gain more visibility into your operations with our extensive telematics portfolio.

Get maximum support from
our global dealer network

Ready to maximize your uptime? Our authorized and widespread dealer network specializes in keeping you and your fleet on the road. Get in touch and they’ll help you find the right service and solution to match your needs.