Your transportation refrigeration unit monitored around the clock by our experts

Every time you carry a temperature sensitive load, your business carries a considerable risk. Equipment failure going undetected can mean losing a load. And losing a load can mean losing a hard-won reputation.

Real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis and expert support.

TracKing two-way communication for rapid remote problem resolution.

Support sourced where technical intervention is needed. Detailed weekly fleet report with access to the TracKing website for all records.

ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring from Thermo King will not only monitor your transport refrigeration unit round the clock, but also respond to every issue, arrange support for resolution and provide detailed reporting to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Every issue identified will trigger our expert team to resolve the problem remotely, using TracKing two-way communication. If this is not possible, you will receive immediate notification and directions to the nearest Thermo King Dealer.


  • Prevent lost loads via monitoring, response and resolution.
  • Protect cargo integrity through collection and maintenance of full data records.
  • Maximise uptime thanks to rapid, expert response and remedy.
  • Enjoy the security of international service coverage 24/7 with 500 outlets in 75 countries.

This is what our customers are saying:

During the first six months we started using Thermo King’s ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring service, it has saved us at least three full cargo loads of perishable shipments. Those loads would be wasted, if not for the intervention of the Thermo King monitoring teams.

Knowing that the condition in which our cargo travels is monitored and controlled by true experts, gives us the peace of mind to focus on the rest of our operations.