Customized HVAC solutions for train, tram and metro

Thermo King’s Rail HVAC solutions improve onboard comfort through superior ventilation, air conditions and temperature control. By combining years of expertise with customized, high-quality climate control solutions, your passengers and drivers breathe easy on every type of ride.

Customized through Co-operation

Whatever your vehicle’s needs, Thermo King will work with you every step of the way to ensure your HVAC unit is completely according to your specifications and needs. Through years of experience in rail transport HVAC, we can help you develop the customization you need to build a public transport solution that’s fit for tomorrow. Thanks to Thermo King’s connected solutions, all information is visible at a glance.

Travel in comfort

It’s not just the softness of the seats that determine passenger’s comfort. Traveling in a train that is freezing cold or blazing hot only makes their journey less enjoyable. Thermo King’s HVAC systems make sure that your passengers are always kept comfortable thanks to precise temperature control, humidity monitoring and a constant flow of fresh air. 

Resolutely Reliable

Thermo King HVAC units are designed to last. From our R&D facility in Prague to our certified manufacturing practices, we strive to produce, dependable, high performance units.

Each part undergoes extensive testing to ensure your HVAC unit always functions at top-level and is easy to maintain, while reducing operating costs.

Made with years of Expertise

For more than 30 years, Thermo King have serviced the rail market with solutions for trams, trains and metros. These years of cold-chain expertise have made us a global leader and a trusted partner, that always helps you look towards the future.

Service, anytime, anywhere

Should problems arise, our second-to-none, global network of Dealers is only a phone call away, ready to assist you at any moment through your unit’s operating life on all fronts.