Vaccine integrity every step of the way

Now more than ever it’s vital to protect vaccine efficacy during distribution. A task that demands precise temperature control be maintained at every stage of the journey from production to patient.

Thermo King is the only supplier of transport refrigeration technologies able to guarantee the integrity of vaccines shipped across end-to-end cold chains, with solutions that extend to ultra low temperatures and down to -70°C.

That’s why we’re working hard to support all our customers involved in the Covid-19 vaccine roll out.
From market-leading transport refrigeration products and cold storage solutions, to expert guidance and comprehensive in- field service support, our PharmaSolutions are helping vaccine manufacturers and distributors meet their objectives.

Thermo King is supporting vaccine rollouts with:

  • Transport refrigeration technologies that cover temperatures ranging from -70°C to +30°C Extended coverage across complete end-to-end cold chains, from production to patient Temporary ultra-low temperature storage solutions to extend capacity on demand
  • An end-to-end portfolio of capabilities
  • Thermo King’s transport and trailer solutions, backed up by the latest in temporary storage technology, help maintain vaccine integrity across every stage of the distribution process.




Last Mile




Thermo King temperature control solutions also extend to cover vaccines placed into temporary storage prior to use. Combining exceptional performance with flexibility and adaptable design, these combined technologies offer a set point range of -70°C to +30°C.

Featured products:

By road – truck

Extending vaccine distribution to any location, Thermo King solutions for trucks enable both maximum flexibility and the tightest possible temperature control. Featuring diesel and hybrid versions, these low noise technologies cover set points between -30°C to +20°C.

Featured products:

By road – trailer

Thermo King protects long haul and urban distribution with both single and multi-compartment applications for trailers. Offering the most accurate temperature control in the market, across set points between -30°C to +30°C, these units also deliver on fuel efficiency and fastest pulldown.

Featured products:

Last mile distribution

For inner city deliveries requiring whisper quiet and full electric transport refrigeration, Thermo King delivers market-leading innovation that’s proven to keep loads in optimal condition.

Featured products:

By air

Working with Envirotainer, the leading supplier of active containers, Thermo King offers a range of temperature control containers that are approved by European and US aviation authorities.

Featured products:

By sea

Thermo King supports large vaccine shipments by sea with ISO refrigerated containers. Featuring multiple size options, these technologies are able to handle frozen containers requiring set points between -70°C to +30°C.

Featured products:

End-to-end GDP compliance

All equipment contained within Thermo King’s
PharmaSolutions range has been tested in line with GDP
guidelines. This includes testing under extreme ambient
temperatures from -30°C to +40°C to ensure your
cargo’s safety even in extremes of climate.

Real-time vaccine traceability

To maintain confidence in the integrity of every vaccine shipment, Thermo King Connected Solutions provide real-time visibility into the location, set point, and ambient temperature associated with each individual load. Utilizing GPS technology, you can track, trace, and monitor every shipment as they happen, interact with units in response to local conditions, and gain alerts of any problems in time to act.

Comprehensive support

Supporting our vaccine distribution technologies is an award-winning international dealer network offering 24/7/365 support from over 500 service points. In addition, Thermo King offers a range of service packages geared towards preventative maintenance, breakdown coverage, and proactive fleet monitoring.

Featured products: