Transporting precious or perishable goods requires constant supervision. We’re here to give you the visibility and protection you need.

From industry-leading telematics with real-time insights to digital platforms and specialized service packages. We leave nothing to chance to keep your cargo safe, and your journeys smooth.

Telematics to stay in the know

An easy and intuitive online platform that gives you historical and real time visibility of your fleet and its cargo.
Mobile Apps
Track and Monitor your fleet on your mobile phone and receive custom alerts and notifications, giving you peace of mind.
Trailer Assist Premium
Integrate vehicle related data into one TracKing platform for a consolidated view on all your assets.

Specialized services to maximize your control

TK PharmaSolutions
Safeguard vital pharmaceutical cargo with expert support and a broad range of industry-specialized services.
Remote Monitoring and Intervention
Protect your unit and cargo on the road with our 24/7 Fleet Monitoring service. Round-the-clock, real-time monitoring and response performed by real experts to ensure your peace of mind.

Upgrades to maximize your control

Upgrades for proactive driver control

Door Switch
Get alerts on door openings to prevent theft and improve cargo safety.
Combo Display
Increase driver awareness and enable them to undertake timely corrective actions.
Fuel Sensor
Monitor your fuel levels with ultimate precision.

Upgrades for accurate reporting

Temperature Sensor
Measure internal air temperature with impeccable accuracy.
TouchPrint Data Logger
Get accurate readings and quick printouts from a small, dashboard-mounted device.
wLog Data Logger
Access, monitor, collect, and store essential data on the temperature and humidity of your cargo using a Bluetooth connection.

Maximize your control
with Thermo King Genuine Parts

Trust that your unit performs dependably, day after day, knowing that every Thermo King Genuine Part is designed and tested to world-class standards.

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More to Max

Don’t want to stop here? Neither do we. Explore the other ways we help you Max your cool.

Bring uptime to an all-time high, keeping your units going and earning for longer.
Limit your fleet’s footprint and step up your electric game.
Save smart on fuel efficiency and cut back on maintenance costs.

Trust our authorized dealers
on your way to max control

Let our authorized dealers help on your way to maximum control with the ideal service or solution, tailored to your needs.