Food transport solutions that keep your margins intact

Our temperature control solutions for food transportation help keep your frozen and fresh deliveries in perfect condition, no matter the journey or final destination.

Consistent temperatures
experience no fluctuation during multi-drop deliveries

24/7 urban access
with quieter running, lower and zero emission technologies

Improved margins
through reduced spoilage and increased shelf life

Food temperature
controls you can rely on

To talk capabilities for food logistics is to focus in on high cooling capacity that allows for rapid temperature recovery after door openings. In addition, our products deliver a highly flexible system for single, dual, and triple temperature applications.

Add in precise temperature management, PIEK certified and zero emissions tech, data logging, remote monitoring, and smart pre-set product profiles to prevent spoilage, and it’s safe to say we’ve got you covered.

An extensive range of
food transportation products

Whatever the load,
whatever the vehicle

With Thermo King and Frigoblock working together, you have a combined 120 years experience in market-leading research and development of refrigeration solutions. The result is the most complete portfolio of reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions that are proven to meet the needs of your transport fleet.

Every degree counts

At Thermo King we understand that when it comes to margin, every degree really does count. Get it wrong by 1°C and you can reduce the shelf life of a lettuce by over a day. Let a delivery of grapes reach 35°C, and they’ll deteriorate more in 10 minutes than in 16 hours at 20°C. That’s why we talk temperature control, and giving you the power to reduce spoilage while keeping food on the shelf for longer.

Access the last mile
with confidence

With a growing number of cities placing restrictions on the exhaust and noise emissions of commercial fleets, the challenge is on for food distributors to find cleaner and quieter forms of delivery.

To help, Thermo King offers Whisper™ noise attenuation technology to enable your vehicles to enter any urban area 24/7. All our equipment is PIEK certified, and designed to offer the lowest possible carbon footprint – with diesel, direct drive, hybrid options.

Why your food customers
would choose us too

  • Minimized product spoilage
    leads to improved margins
  • High cooling capacity
    for rapid temperature recovery
  • Precise temperature control
    for each and every load

  • Technology
    that meets the most stringent regulatory demands
  • Flexible single, dual
    and triple temperature applications

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