Curriculum Vitae
Kool, Professor
Old, but wise ….
Professor in all there is to know about transport refrigeration
Work Experience:
Best Practice exponent for the world leader in transport temperature control, Thermo King
Loves nothing more than helping Thermo King customers get the very best out of their equipment.
Numerous tutorials, online videos, leaflets and much more

We are right to expect that fruit, meat, seafood and medical products arrive on the shelf in perfect condition. Because transport refrigeration plays such a crucial role in making this happen, it is essential that transport professionals have the appropriate skills and knowledge.

Who better than the pioneers and world leaders in transport temperature control to pass on their expertise? Thermo King has invested heavily in developing a full range of Best Practice training materials including pocket guides, tutorials and the following series of Best Practice videos.

Answers are provided to the most common questions including

  • How does the process of temperature-controlled transport actually work?
  • How important are different temperature settings?
  • What is airflow and what is its role in keeping goods at the right temperature?

Thermo King’s Best Practice mascot, Professor Kool, provides clear and concise answers to these and many other questions.