Stop wasting, start saving. Explore our smart services and digital solutions that help you optimize profits, improve your bottom line, and increase the residual value of your units.

Also, by increasingly connecting all of our systems and granting you easy digital access, it’s never been more efficient to spot, and realize concrete savings.

Service Agreements
Experience cost savings and uninterrupted performance with our exclusive repair and maintenance contract.
Extended Warranty
Maximize your savings with our three-year extended warranty support, guaranteeing complete repair coverage throughout the operational life of your unit.

Upgrades to maximize your savings

Upgrades to protect your equipment

Fuel Sensors
Accurately monitor fuel levels and avoid costly out- of-fuel stops on the road.
Tail Lift Charger
Save power and fuel by charging your tail lift with your unit’s alternator.
Door Switch
Get alerts on door openings to keep temperature and costs under control.

Maximize your savings
with Thermo King Genuine Parts

Cheap repairs often cause more costs in the long term. With Thermo King Genuine Parts you are assured of lasting quality, even at an affordable price for remanufactured parts.

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More to Max

Don’t want to stop here? Neither do we. Explore the other ways we help you Max your cool.

Bring uptime to an all-time high, keeping your units going and earning for longer.
Limit your fleet’s footprint and step up your electric game.
Gain more visibility into your operations with our extensive telematics portfolio.

Secure your savings with the
help of your dealer

Not sure where or how to maximize your savings? Our dealers help you spot the opportunities, and realize smart savings with the right services and solutions.