Innovative sustainable technologies for transport refrigeration

Over 80 years ago, our engine-driven compressors sparked the cold chain revolution.
Now, Thermo King is leading the way into more sustainable cooling with an ever-increasing number of innovative alternative power sources, surpassing the capabilities of fossil fuels.

Get your fleet into the sustainability movement with evolve™, Thermo King’s portfolio of all-electric refrigeration for truck, trailer, van, and LCV. With a refrigeration solution available for every cold chain segment, you’ll find your perfect fit in the Thermo King evolve™ portfolio.


A trailer-mounted smart energy recovery system that enables true zero-emission refrigeration. The ePower axle by BPW recovers energy that would otherwise be lost and stores it in the Energ—e pack. This reserve of energy can be used to power your refrigeration unit without running its engine.

AxlePower is
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A power source designed for flexibility. The technology can run on both diesel and electric power. Utilizing the power of geofencing, HybridDrive automatically switches to sustainable and ultra-quiet PIEK mode when entering Zero-Emission Zones and noise-restricted areas. That way, your truck, semi-trailer, or rigid truck is always performing at its best – be it on the highways or in urban environments.

HybridDrive is
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High-performance alternator-power, driven by the vehicle’s engine. Frigoblock-driven alternator technology operates above 90% efficiency, for minimal energy-transfer loss to keep your fuel bills and carbon emissions low.

EnviroDrive is
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All-electric transport refrigeration technology that draws power from the vehicle’s battery. Utilizing the latest insights and developments, this energy exchange is highly efficient to ensure the lowest possible impact on the vehicle’s range.

Be-Tech is
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Fuel-driven technologies


The most efficient fuel-driven temperature-control technology on the market. GreenTech offers the lowest emissions of any fuel-driven unit and uncompromising dependability. Thanks to compatibility with biodiesel, HVO-XTL, and other alternative fuels, your fleet is truly future-proof, even when driven by fuel.

GreenTech is
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Reduce noise and emissions with compressor-driven technology for engineless cooling. No extra engine means lower fuel costs and lower emissions, as well as whisper-quiet cooling – perfect for urban deliveries.

DirectDrive is
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