Refrigeration systems
and units for all vehicles

Find the ideal refrigerated delivery equipment to match your client delivery needs, vehicle type, and business ambition:

single, multi-temperature, and hybrid refrigeration units

self-powered temperature control with nose-mount and under-mount options

Direct Drive
flexible refrigeration systems for smaller delivery vehicles

Cold chain logistics systems

Thermo King produces high performance temperature control units for all sorts of cold chain logistics and transportation companies.

We ensure your cargo stays in an optimal condition from start to finish, which is why we go that extra mile when it comes to delivering:

  • Reliability with rigorously tested, quality components
  • Efficiency to deliver high fuel economy as standard
  • Performance from great pull down to high capacity
  • Sustainability recyclable tech that’s low on emissions

Complete range of
temperature control units and systems

Making refrigerated transport
more sustainable

Our portfolio is evolving to incorporate all-electric units and PIEK certified single and multi-temperature solutions.

We’re also leading the market when it comes to sustainability with the next generation R-452A refrigerant.

Temperature control
for all modes and vehicles

From long-haul operations to last mile deliveries, our product range brings with it a comprehensive array of proven capabilities. With equipment designed for trucks, trailers, and small trucks, you’ll find everything you need to meet customer, performance, and regulatory targets.

You also have options for diesel, hybrid, electric, and direct drive vehicle-powered units that help maximize vehicle uptime – while reducing maintenance intervals.

Multimodal refrigeration solutions

For many customers today’s cold chains are a global affair, which is why we offer products that span land, sea, and rail.

Our marine range delivers an entire product line that includes refrigerated reefers, a low emission, durable generator set range, and innovative air management products.

For rail cargo, you can discover a complete range of custom-configurable solutions.

HVAC products
for complete passenger comfort

Thermo King is also a leader in the field of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). With solutions for buses, trains, trams, and metros, we can deliver an ideal mix of product innovation and after-sales support.

Temperature control
for the pharma and retail industries

Our technologies are also designed to meet the evolving needs of sectors where quality of product is everything:

  • Thermo King’s GDP compliant pharmaceutical solutions deliver the temperature controls needed to effectively maintain the condition and effectiveness of medicines in transit
  • For retailers, our products accommodate multiple drop scenarios while minimizing temperature fluctuations– alongside quieter running, lower and zero emissions for 24/7 urban access

Why your customers
would choose us too

  • Products that maximize uptime across your fleet
  • Access to the latest in temperature control innovation
  • Equipment that’s big on reliability and performance

  • Complete range of intermodal products
  • Extensive after-sales support from our dealer network