Power management solution for more uptime and less fuel consumption

Thermo King solar panels provide a sustainable power management solution for truck and trailer refrigeration units, increasing battery life while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
Tough, weatherproof panels collect solar energy, even when light levels are low to keep your battery in prime condition. Your engines will no longer operate just to charge the battery, reducing fuel consumption and
CO2 emissions while helping to meet sustainability goals.


ThermoLite™ solar panels are particularly fit for these 4 applications:

  1. For our Thermo King reefer unit (12V):

    Stay connected. Extend your battery lifetime, save fuel and CO2.
    Up to 110W

  2. For your tractor’s battery – tractor roof (24V)

    Extend your tractor’s battery utilization and life and save on battery exchanges, breakdowns and fuel consumption.
    80W( 2 x 40W) to 220W (2 x 110W).

  3. For tail lift (24V):

    Keeps your tail lift running and your batteries charged.
    Up to 220W (2 x 110W).

  4. As an extension of your Advancer solar panel

Multiple Choice

Thermo King solar panels come in various sizes and capacities. Choose one or combine panels to best suit your needs.

  • 12 volt THERMOLITE™ SOLAR PANEL for truck and trailer refrigeration units – 40W/110W
  • 24 volt THERMOLITE™ SOLAR PANEL – 40W/110W
  • THERMOLITE™ SOLAR PANELS for Advancer – 40W and50W


  • Generate ample charging current even in low light conditions, ensuring that the unit battery will stay charged, even in winter.
  • Exceptional efficiency delivers greater charge than competitor systems.
  • Low profile design for height restrictions & easy installation.
  • Simple, rapid 60 minute installation on any application. Kit includes all necessary components under one part number.
  • Tests in extreme weather conditions prove exceptional durability of sealed electronics and flexible polymer cells.
  • Extreme durability and resistance to trailer washing and chemical cleaning process.

Investing in the best

As a Thermo King owner, you have invested in the best. Your priorities include reliability, performance and sustainability at a competitive total cost of ownership.

ThermoLite™ solar panels

At Thermo King, every part goes through an exhaustive validation process covering material, design, manufacture, and accelerated life testing. It is only when that part meets the same high standards we apply to our manufacturing that we approve it for use as a replacement part, giving you a guarantee of performance. Thermo King GENUINE Parts come with a full 2 year warranty

Thermo King SELECT Parts

Thermo King solar panels are also available in the Thermo King SELECT Parts range. These parts are sourced to provide reliability under extreme conditions conditions and are offered at a lower price point than the Original Equipment (OE) used in production. Thermo King SELECT Parts undergo the same tough testing as OE parts and come with a 1 year warranty