Tail Lift Charger

Longer lifespan – Lower fuel consumption

The Thermo King Tail Lift Charger is an independent unit that charges the batteries (2 X 12V in series) on the tail lift of a trailer unit, using the reefer units’ alternator.

The independent charger converts a 12V supply to 24V – needed for tail lift electric motor models.

The unit has been designed to give priority to the reefer unit, and is independent of the pulley drive systems. Lower power = lower fuel consumption. The Tail Lift Charger will only function when the reefer unit is in operation, ensuring the protection of your reefer battery.

Key Features

  • Power for tail lift batteries from reefer unit
  • Power for internal lighting through tail lift
  • Configured with 2 chargers for longer life & lower power consumption
  • A safer and more reliable method of charging than retrofit alternative
  • Quick and easy installation across different models
  • Enclosure box IP rated and vibration resistant
  • Only operates when reefer unit is running