Air Chute

The importance of air distribution

Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your trailer is essential for ensuring the quality of your cargos. Without a chute, the rear of the trailer is warmer than the front, and with a standard chute, the front of the trailer is warmer than the rear.

Thermo King’s new purpose-designed Air Chute distributes air evenly over the entire load, from the front to the rear of the trailer.

  • 75% shorter than traditional industrial standard chutes for optimum airflow.
  • Quick and easy to install and disconnect during loading and unloading to avoid damage.
  • Manufactured in high-grade, easy-to-clean vinyl with industry-leading tear and tensile strength.
  • Front and side venting ensures constant airflow and temperature throughout the trailer.
  • Suitable for single- and multi-temperature trailer applications, up to 16m in length.

Temperature distribution

With chute: temperature more evenly distributed.

Hot spot

Without chute: hot spot at the back of the trailer.

  • Protects your cargo by eliminating short-cycling, top-freezing, and hot spots thanks to minimal temperature variance throughout the trailer (+/-2°C).
  • Shorter chutes are less likely to be damaged during loading and unloading, plus they can be used in conjunction with moveable bulkheads.
  • Highly durable materials for a longer life.
  • Easy to disconnect to maximize volume for dry loads.