90L Polyethylene Fuel Tank

Keep running longer

For any customer, keeping fuel costs down and staying within fuel capacities specific to different regions are today’s biggest challenges. Thermo King now offers a 90 litre plastic fuel tank option that will cater for countries with two fuel taxes and those countries that have tight regulation on fuel volumes. The Thermo King polyethylene fuel tank is an essential component of a total fuel management system. When integrated with Thermo King’s fuel level sensors and optional lockable caps, it enables you to manage and secure your fuel consumption and costs more efficiently. The additional on-truck capacity provided by the Thermo King polyethylene fuel tank cuts running costs and reduces the impact of fuel restrictions in your region. The impact and corrosion-resistant fuel tank with 90 litre capacity is safe, light and easy to install.

Key Features

  • Approved for diesel and bio-diesel
  • Vibration resistant as per Thermo King standards
  • Mechanical fuel gauge with option to upgrade to electrical
  • Galvanised drain plug as standard
  • Quicker installation with quick fuel line connections
  • A lighter tank (12 kg)
  • Corrosion resistant installation kit (e-coated)