One system. Many Benefits

Thermo King’s TracKing Advanced is an innovative, easy to use GPRS/GPS system that gives perishable goods transporters visibility of their assets from their desktops. Having real-time temperature, location and alarms information on their refrigerated fleets increases their operational efficiency and reduces incidences of cargo loss. TracKing allows transporters to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery to customers.

The TracKing Advanced device offers direct connection to any Thermo King controller and Data Logger allowing access to critical information on the asset and on the load. The intuitive, customisable and multilingual web interface provides operations managers and logistic coordinators visibility and traceability through the cold chain, with dashboards and an extensive set of reports.

Key features

  • Temperature management
  • Reefer management
  • Vehicle TracKing
  • Fuel reading and extensive reports
  • Data integration

Temperature management

Optimum temperature management to ensure top quality product delivery through:

  • Regular updates (up to every 5 minutes) on unit sensors and logger sensors to compare air temperature versus set point
  • Out of range temperature monitoring with real-time alarm
  • Modifying the temperature settings by remotely changing the set point
  • Selecting the cargo temperature profile via the Optiset Plus file upload

Reefer management

Lower service costs and unit downtime through:

  • Regular updates (up to every 5 minutes) on unit running mode, operating mode, running hours, battery voltage, fuel level, door status
  • Real-time unit shutdown alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Theft prevention with door opening and fuel level decrease alerts
  • Download over the air of your EN12830 data logger to archive your historical temperature data
  • Remote control of the refrigeration unit with 2-way communication : 
    – pre-cool multiple units in the yard 
    – remotely change the set point and unit modes 
    – turn the reefer On or Off

Vehicle TracKing

TracKing offers real-time and historical data on your vehicles positions so you can better manage your fleet and maintain high service levels for your customers.

  • Accurate location of your fleet at all times on a map
  • Increased cargo security through asset visibility at street level
  • Locate Thermo King dealers easily on a map for service support
  • Monitor vehicle routes by replaying journey on a map
  • Dynamic Geofence functionality to monitor entry and exit of a specific area

Fuel reading and extensive reports

TracKing gives you real time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and enables you to calculate your refrigerated unit fuel consumption.

Alongside this feature, TracKing offers a series of standard reports, exportable and schedulable.

Data integration

The TracKing Advanced solution is a flexible system that can easily integrate data into any 3rd party website or back-end system.

Thanks to the web service developed, the data integration via TracKing is straightforward and seamless.