E-200: charge into the era of
all-electric transport refrigeration

Our full-electric refrigeration unit for medium-size vans and trucks helps put sustainability at the heart of your operation.

Run silent
and comply with
sound regulations for
urban access

Access low
emission zones

to boost vehicle utilization levels

the future

with the ideal solution for all-electric fleets

Give your fleet
the power to roam

With the E-200 your vehicles will be able to comply with PIEK standards and Urban Access Requirements (UVARs) for sound levels in urban environments. Being all-electric, the unit also enables you to enter low emission zones, and run quiet to complete any number of nighttime deliveries.

With a unique mix of control, convenience, utilization, and reliability, the E-200 is the ideal all-electric solution for electric and engine-powered trucks. Introduce it into your fleet, and you’ll be able to confidently meet current and future sustainability targets throughout the cold chain.

Capabilities that
give you the edge

The E-200 features a host of innovations that are helping transform transport refrigeration, including:

  • A tailor-made converter for constant capacity and exceptional operating efficiency independent of the vehicle
  • A variable speed compressor for precise temperature control, decreased energy consumption, and enhanced reliability 
  • A smart controller with power management intelligence to optimize the supply and demand of power

Intelligent temperature
control at your fingertips

With no road compressor or drive kit, the E-200 is a plug and play solution that doesn’t require lengthy installation. What’s more, performance is completely autonomous from the vehicle, giving you the benefit of increased uptime and longer maintenance intervals.

In addition, the unit’s controller for single and multi-temperature trucks is proven to deliver a constant capacity independent of vehicle RPM. Factor in close compatibility with a vehicle’s start-stop features, and you have easy-to-use and intelligent temperature control that’s able to handle any load or journey.

Why your customers
would choose us too

  • The sustainable option  
    for urban deliveries
  • Ideal solution
    for all-electric trucks
  • Asset utilization
    with go anywhere freedom
  • Fleet coverage
    including engine-powered vehicles
  • Simple deployment
    with plug and play flexibility

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