No engine. High efficiency. Low noise.

The Thermo King VX-Series raises the game for single- and multi-temperature refrigeration solutions for small, medium, and large trucks, delivering zero emissions, extremely low noise and vibrations, low servicing, low total cost of ownership, and more.

Improved performance

  • Enjoy improved reliability, efficiency, and performance with the faster pulldown and increased refrigeration power of the compact and lightweight VX-Series.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improve your sustainability with the VX-Series. Zero exhaust emissions, flexible alternative power sources, reduced weight, aerodynamic design, and more.

Compact and robust

Maximise your payload thanks to the long-lasting corrosion-proof aluminium frame which is ultra-light, compact, and robust.

24/7 deliveries

Make inner-city deliveries 24/7 with a unit that complies with current and future (U)LEZ legislation thanks to its zero emissions and extremely low noise and vibrations.

Precise temperature control

Ensure cargo safety with single and multi-temperature control from your cab, even in extreme ambient conditions.

Smart control

  • Protect your cargo by continuously monitoring your load and temperature with the Direct Smart Reefer controller.
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce your servicing requirements with maintenance monitoring and reminders, intuitive alarm codes, and an easily accessible unit.

Connected with BlueBox Lite

  • Receive critical controller information along with temperature, position, and other crucial data in near real-time thanks to 4G connectivity and high logging frequency.
  • Access the data via our cost-effective TracKing subscription.
  • Conveniently connected to your DSR controller. 
  • Integration of collected data from your VX unit into any third-party website or back-end system.

VX-Series – Brochure

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