Direct Smart Reefer

The Direct Smart Reefer is the latest in microprocessor control for the direct drive product range: sophisticated controls with many new features, yet simple to use and easy to operate. The temperature control unit has been designed to control and/or monitor the unit from inside the cab safely and conveniently. It’s very smart, small and very simple to use and looks good whether mounted on the dash or in the dash.

The Direct Smart Reefer controller has the following features:

Standard features

  • Continuous monitoring of the load & the temperature control unit provides PEACE OF MIND
  • Automatic start-up – if the unit stops on either road or stand-by operation because of a lack of energy, it will automatically restart
  • Three standard hour meters – to record:
    • the total no. of hours that the unit has been switched on
    • the no. of working hours of the vehicle driven compressor
    • the no. of working hours of the electric stand-by compressor
  • Alarm codes with easy to understand abbreviated written descriptions result in quick diagnostics to reduce maintenance costs
  • Maintenance reminder to encourage preventative maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Manual or automatic defrost
  • PCB inside an easily accessible IP55 box with accessible fuses for quick replacement
  • Individual fuses and relays for independent protection of the loads
  • Software can be upgraded in the field using Wintrac, a windows based simple to use software package designed to communicate with Thermo King’s temperature control unit
  • Several features offer protection for the vehicle battery: low battery voltage check, sequential evaporator start, unit delays start during vehicle start-up
  • Evaporator fan time delay defrost cycle to prevent water spraying on to load
  • Time limit between turning off and on the unit to extend life of electrical components and compressor
  • Clutch delay timer extends electrical motor life