The E-series flagship model is the leading standard in full electric refrigeration for electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV) specializing in last-mile delivery and urban distribution.

Suitable for panel vans, chassis cab trucks, and other eLCV types.

Run for longer
New energy-efficient design reduces impact on your BEV’s battery

Lower your costs
With a leaner design, lower operating costs and higher daily margins

Access zero-emission zones
Full electric operations to unlock the inner city

Powerful, all-electric cooling

High-capacity and constant cooling thanks to a brushless, high-speed hermetic compressor controlled by a state-of-the-art inverter. Increase your compressor’s speed independent of the vehicle and maintain consistent temperature throughout your delivery route. Whether it’s hot or cold, the E-500e  takes care of it.

A smart ePTO (electric power take-off) enables direct power from the vehicle’s battery and, depending on your e-LCV type, keeps your unit operational and your cargo protected, even if your vehicle is charging or turned off.

Cooling with minimal battery impact

Custom-designed inverter technology, a patented power control system and intelligent, real-time communication between the unit and the vehicle makes the E-500e the most energy-efficient TRU on the market today  – with the lowest possible impact on your e-vehicle range.

Reduced maintenance costs

Modern, leaner, and more efficient design makes the E-500e extremely lightweight – less than half the weight of legacy models. These reduced dimensions and weight mean more cargo space with each delivery cycle, while fewer parts mean lower wear and tear, significantly reducing maintenance costs and intervals.

Flexible installation options

The E500-e is fully powered by the BEV. That means no extra battery to install or no additional charging infrastructure to set up.

In addition, the unit comes in a variety of mounting configurations:

  • Pod mount
  • Roof mount
  • Nose mount

Maximize your fleet’s operational flexibility

Multi-capable and ultra-versatile,the E500-e gives your fleets access to noise-regulated areas, Zero and Ultra Low Emission Zones, and diesel-ban areas – both during the day and at nighttime.

Multitemp capabilities mean your fleet can break through all limitations and tackle any urban and inner-city delivery.

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