Monitor trailer performance
to deliver a smarter operation

Our trailer management solution delivers in-depth performance insights beyond your refrigeration equipment.

vehicle uptime
through proactive maintenance insights

by using the right trailer for the right load

lifetime value
to improve tire and fuel usage

Keep your fleet running for longer

With Trailer Assist comes the ability to collect and analyze data relating to the operational condition of your trailer fleet. The insights generated can then be used to help improve the way different assets are put to work; to better manage the tasks assigned to them, and to streamline the associated maintenance schedules.

This is visibility that helps you to gain a clearer picture of trailer conditions out on the road, and to ensure these assets are deployed in the smartest and most relevant way possible. As a result you can reduce vehicle downtime, improve logistics flow, and ensure the right trailer is always assigned to the right load and journey.

Turn your data into a competitive advantage

Trailer Assist offers fleet and service managers a mix of operational and maintenance data points to help enhance their day-to-day performance, including:

Operational data:

  • Trailer Load
  • Odometer
  • Coupled/Non-coupled
  • Trailer VIN

Maintenance data
(depending upon sensor availability)

  • Brake lining and status

Broaden your view of fleet performance

The latest addition to our Connected Solutions offering, Trailer Assist helps further extend your visibility of key operational metrics beyond refrigeration equipment. Armed with detailed insights into axle load, and braking performance you can optimize routes, extend the lifespan of basic parts, and track vehicles through their VINs.

Not that the benefits stop there, as Trailer Assist can also be used to extend the value offered by the Thermo King TracKing application. By bringing together these two technologies, you gain a complete view of all trailer and reefer alarms and notifications via one app: TK Notify.

Why your customers would choose us too

  • Latest addition
    to our market-leading Connected Solutions range
  • Extend your view
    of fleet performance beyond refrigeration units
  • Cut costs
    on fuel usage and vehicle maintenance

  • Track individual VINs
    to avoid wrong pickups
  • Integrated support
    from our international dealer network