Fuel Reading and Extensive Reports

TracKing™ gives you real time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and enables to calculate your refrigerated unit fuel consumption.

Alongside this feature, TracKing offers a series of standard reports. These predefined reports allow you to get an history of:

  • Your temperature data to fulfill EU regulations
  • Your unit operations and alarm data to follow your equipments’ performances and prevent unscheduled breakdowns
  • Your reefer utilisation to balance your fleet workload
  • Your deliveries and journeys based on past positions, geo-fences and points of interest.

All the standard reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to multiple stakeholders. You can then share important information internally or with your customers automatically.

Additionally, any user can create customize reports. By using the customised reporting tool you can group and display all important data for your daily operations in your own view.

A dashboard section is also available to see at a glance 7 KPI’s per vehicle. This overview is customizable so that the user can decide on which indicators he wants to focus and minimise the others.