Insight into all your refrigerated units with just one click

Lease Assist is the Connected Solutions consolidated view that helps leasing and rental companies manage their Thermo King temperature refrigeration units. Log in online to check availability, trigger (de)activation, consult alarm logs, and deliver superior service to your clients.

Save precious time
thanks to the operational features of an integrated platform

Gain advanced insights
into your units’ status and performance 

Bill more accurately
through automated reporting of engine hours

Key operational capabilities

Lease Assist helps you manage your customers by letting you activate, pause and conclude your refrigeration units’ leasing or rental agreements with a single click.

All your units in 1 view

Whether they’re on the road, in the yard or ready-to-lease/rent – Lease Assist shows you the status of your units. This screen allows you to reply faster and more accurately to client requests. 

Lease Assist also offers more advanced insights. You can filter unit information by customer or by alarm severity to see:

  • Unit status
  • Customer name
  • Diesel hours
  • Electric hours
  • Total hours
  • Vehicle name
  • Alarms & notifications

Stop manually checking engine hours 

The online platform shows engine hours per client and gives you the possibility to download this information as a .pdf, .xlsx or .docx file. Use the resulting action report to analyze actual usage and develop a more accurate billing process. 

Keep a close eye on your units

Lease Assist shows you alarm codes for each unit. As a result, you can assess the short- and long-term health of each TRU and offer the right support to your clients, at the right time. Export this view into Excel to enable easy information-sharing.

Trickle-down benefits

The powerful telematics capabilities of Connected Solutions feed Lease Assist with the data you need to truly understand your clients’ operations. Translate those insights into concrete actions by:

  • Checking frequent alarm codes and proactively suggesting next steps
  • Predicting end-of-life and taking the necessary actions to avoid downtime
  • Set up custom alarm notification and have these delivered via TK Notify or email

Thirsty for more? Lease Assist also gives you access to the 2-way command history of all your units. The information, however, is limited and strictly meant for leasing and rental companies. 1

1 If you or your client would like to enjoy the complete logs of 2-way commands, your client will need their own TracKing subscription.

TK BlueBox required

For units to be featured on Lease Assist, they need to be equipped with a TK BlueBox. These are factory-fitted in all Thermo King SLXi units and available as an option (factory-fitted or aftermarket) for vehicle-powered and self-powered units.

Lease Assist – Brochure

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