TouchPrint Printer

Intuitive and flexible printing operations

The new TouchPrint printer from Thermo King offers you the perfect way to provide up-to-the-minute details of the quality of goods upon delivery. This ensures that all goods have been transported in perfect controlled temperature conditions.

The TouchPrint printer has been specifically developed to connect to any DAS or CargoWatch data logger, allowing alignment of printed information with reefer running operations. The delivery or journey ticket (in tabular form) shows the start date and time of the journey, the date and time stamp for printing, the unit setpoint and the data logger sensor temperature readings (up to 6). The TouchPrint includes 2 mode of operations : either time-based printing or Start Of Trip printing. Its built-in memory enables to retrieve old records up to 1 year in the past.

The printer has been designed to be easily mounted on trailer bodies together with Thermo King SL or SLX units, and is IP65-certified thanks to its enclosure.

Key Features

  • Easy operations through touchscreen function
  • Connection to Thermo King CargoWatch and DAS Data Logger
  • Soft copy export of tickets to USB flash drive
  • High speed thermal printer for quick printout

TouchLog – Brochure

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