Thermo King wLog dataloggers: Wireless connectivity for worry-free transport

Reduce downtime while monitoring and collecting essential data on the temperature and humidity of your cargo with Thermo King’s wireless EN12830 certified wLog datalogger.

Temperature data is vital for ensuring the quality of cargoes in today’s transport industry, especially for sensitive or perishable items. Going wireless eliminates the risk of errors due to damaged cables and makes trouble-shooting much easier.

wLog comeS in two versions:
  • Standard wLog: logging temperature data
  • Premium wLog: logging temperature and humidity data.

Both versions are fully EN12830 compliant with high accuracy and are suitable for trucks, trailers, and vans.

EN12830 certified with ± 0.5k accuracy
Fast and easy plug-and-play installations
Activated in a few clicks via our mobile app
Reliable data via our comprehensive mobile app or web-based interface
Compliant trip report in PDF format is accessible via mobile app or web- based interface
Low maintenance requirements
The easily replaceable and long-life battery lasts minimum 24 months, with notifications when it needs to be replaced
wLog offers logging intervals from every 2 minutes to every hour
Real-time data on our mobile app
Temperature alarm on our mobile app – when in range of your phone’s Bluetooth connection
Data sharing available

wLog Datalogger – Brochure

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