AxlePower: 100% electric refrigeration, powered by the road.

11th January 2022

Developed in partnership with BPW, AxlePower is an advanced system which recovers and generates electricity from your trailers normal operations to offer tractor-independent, 100% electric cooling for trailers.

The future of the refrigerated transport industry lies in silent, sustainable yet still powerful cooling. AxlePower, developed in partnership by Thermo King & BPW, two market leaders in their respective fields, gives all this and more.

AxlePower is the result of close collaboration between two of freight transport’s most innovative companies and delivers a groundbreaking solution which will drastically reduce the environmental impact of refrigerated trailers: a 100% tractor independent, fuel free trailer cooling solution that eliminates the sustainability premium with no compromise on performance.

An easy to adopt game-changer 

Unveiled at the recent Solutrans expo in Lyon, the system offers a brand-new take on energy generation. A specially adapted axle on the trailer converts kinetic energy into electricity which is then used to power the refrigeration unit, harnessing energy generated by the trailer’s normal operations. The high voltage battery stores the charge and it then passes it to the inverter which ensures constant current to your refrigeration unit, whether the trailer is moving or stationary.

AxlePower delivers immediate and long-term sustainability benefits, it’s engine-free and compliant with all LEZ and noise legislation giving drivers and residents a break from the noise of the city. But it’s also powerful enough for long-haul, highway journeys. Wherever your clients deliver, AxlePower is the next generation of trailer refrigeration. As with the entire ThermoTech range, unveiled recently at Solutrans, AxlePower is engineered to be efficient and sustainable with no compromise on performance. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing fleets, with no engine alterations required and is compatible with almost any Thermo King electrically powered trailer refrigeration unit.

Launching soon

After enjoying the limelight of a sneak preview at Solutrans, AxlePower will shortly be rolling out across Europe. Look out for more information and promotional materials to offer your customers powerful, sustainable refrigeration that captures the energy generated by their operations.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on AxlePower