The makings of a good integrated solution

12th June 2018

Becoming an integrated solution provider brings with it a compelling central promise: the ability to get closer to your customers. To have more ‘strategic’ conversations over their refrigeration needs versus a pure product (read: tactical) sell.

But to talk integrated solutions, you first need to develop one that works for your dealership.

One stop shop isn’t a one fits all

A key factor when deciding the level and type of integration you offer, is to identify exactly what customers want.

Working with Thermo King, you are of course presented with an array of service areas to focus on, including:

  • Sales, installation, and financing services
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Connected solutions
  • Regulatory solutions
  • Advice and expertise solutions

That’s a lot of skills and capabilities, and it’s important to note that not every dealer needs to become a one-stop-shop offering the lot. Instead, look at what customers have asked for in the past, and what you think they’ll respond best to in the future.

Trust in what you know

There’s a good chance however that customers won’t know what they want until they see it. This is where your market knowledge comes in, and the insights available from both you and your team for answering five key questions:

  1. What are the types of customer to be found in your market? What are their needs?
  2. How could this influence your service offering?
  3. What is the potential of specific services relative to your market?
  4. Should services be developed in-house or through partnerships?
  5. Which specific solutions most excite you?

Quality over quantity

Another important consideration is brand. Customers want to know they’re purchasing market leading technology from a market leading supplier – they want experts fitting expert equipment.

All of which means that your integrated solution should promote your business, whilst also reinforcing the Thermo King brand– and support a story of premium brand quality.

Speaking to the right people

Finally, the choice of integrated solution should be based on your ability to target the people most likely to use them. For example, being able to offer completely insulated vehicles can provide you with direct access to end customers – and bypass other channel players.

Access to these additional sales opportunities can help justify any investments you make in training and development. They can also help form the basis of a business case for making the move to integrated solutions in the first place.

Make the most of an integrated solution

Ready to get going on building out an integrated solution – or interested in refining and expanding the services you already offer? You can find out more by downloading the slides from our solutions toolbox to learn more about:

  • The solutions storefront and catalogue of potential offerings
  • More detail on the solutions available from Thermo King
  • A range of market and customer insights