Reach your best in 2024

8th February 2024

Also looking back to an amazing 2023? Great! But what if you could achieve a lot more? Brace yourself to surpass all limits in transport refrigeration with innovations, tools and solutions designed to enhance your fleet’s performance. Welcome to 2024, the year of more!

Wrapping up 2023: what a year

What was your most exciting moment of 2023? Landed new customers? Delivered a record amount of fresh products? Or expanded your fleet with high-performance refrigeration units?

It’s tough to pick just one accomplishment, isn’t it? We couldn’t choose either, so we’ve compiles our top three moments of 2023:

1/ Performance-enhancing products

With Advancer Spectrum and Advancer-E, we strengthened your fleet to set new standards in multi-temp and electric refrigeration. And our full-electric E-Series gave you the electric edge in inner-city deliveries. Needed a refrigeration solution for your small, medium and large trucks? Then our VX-Series was your perfect answer, offering high-performance refrigeration with precise temperature control.

2/ Efficient technology

Our Advancer AxlePower technology enabled you to harvest energy from the road and use it to power your refrigeration unit. A giant step on your way to more efficient and sustainable energy use. And your critical cargo was never better protected with SuperFreezer, our new Cold Storage Solution preserving freshness up to -70°C.

3/ Smart solutions

Our digital solutions opened a whole new world of tracking and monitoring, making your life as a fleet manager a lot easier. Thanks to Wlog, you can now effortlessly access essential data on your cargo’s temperature and humidity, completely wireless. Meanwhile, our TracKing system provided a new feature for you to monitor battery performance of electric reefers.

Here’s how to do even better in 2024

As great as 2023 might have been, in the coming months we will help you to achieve a lot more. Inspired by your challenges, we keep raising the bar in efficiency, performance and sustainability. So you can drive your fleet to reach its very best.

Curious about turning 2024 into the year of more? Stay tuned for what’s coming!

More products

Get ready for mind-blowing product innovations, tailored to your current and future needs. Start counting off the days to these remarkable product launches, but keep your cool:

  • The first electric multi-temp Advancer: Expanded functionalities with flexible cooling capacity up to 3 zones
  • Evolution E-Series for large trucks: Launch at IAA, 17-22 September in Hannover
  • V-Series expansion: A new model for large trucks

More tools and services

Already dreaming of countless opportunities for your fleet? Turn them into reality with our wide range of tools and services, and get even more out of your investment.

  • E-COOLPAC: Battery pack for truck and container refrigeration units
  • Max Your Cool: An updated version of our extensive portfolio of smart services, digital solutions and upgrades

More inspiration

Learn from industry experts and network with other fleet managers at events and trade shows. Want to discuss your challenges or gain new insights? Mark your calendar for:

  • 16-18 April 2024: LogiPharma – Lyon, France
  • 08-11 May 2024: Transpotec – Milan, Italy
  • 17-22 September 2024: IAA Transportation – Hannover, Germany
  • 12-14 November 2024: Intermodal – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Check our Thermo King calendar for a complete overview of upcoming events and trade shows.

Raised heartbeat, dry mouth and a tingling sense of excitement? Perfect! Prepare for a groundbreaking year in transport refrigeration. Stay tuned!