4 benefits of our A-500 Whisper Pro

9th July 2021

Did you know that delivering outside rush hour results in 14% more efficient routes? Introducing: A-500 Whisper Pro, our silent Advancer trailer refrigeration unit .

Can you enter the city at night to avoid rush hour with a huge trailer? Yes, you can.

In June of last year, we released Advancer. This year, we’re proud to unveil a new addition to the Advancer range: the A-500 Whisper Pro. The unit is ultra-quiet and will give your drivers and people living in urban areas more peace of mind.

We’ll give you 4 reasons why that’s the case.  

1. Entry ticket to the city at night

Noise pollution is a real problem for people living in urban areas. Luckily, cities are committed to reducing emissions levels. They want to improve living conditions with noise regulations.   

The A-500 Whisper Pro  complies with even the most stringent noise regulations (incl. PIEK) since it emits 60 dB or less.  

So you are allowed to enter the city at night, which results in…

2. More efficient delivery routes

Did you know that operating outside rush hour results in 14% faster delivery routes? You can plan the most efficient route with the silent A-500 Whisper Pro.

  • Skip traffic jams
  • Avoid rush hour
  • Don’t waste precious time (and money!)

3. Peace of mind for your truck drivers with geo-fencing

Switching manually to low-noise mode is an additional distraction for your drivers – something they tend to forget.

Fortunately, with automatic geofencing, the unit switches modes automatically when it enters a specific area. This way, your driver can keep their eyes on the road. 

4. Minimal loss of performance

To comply with low-noise regulations, many manufacturers have to lower the performance of their units.

This is not the case with A-500 Whisper Pro – who’s performance loss is minimal compared to the flagship A-500 unit.

A-Series unit A-500 A-500 Whisper Pro
Capacity on engine power (W)    
0°C 19,500 18,200
-20°C 10,400 10,000
Capacity on electric standby (W)    
0°C 14,600 12,350
-20°C 8,400 8,400

Source: Advancer product brochure and Whisper Pro brochure

Get to know the A-500 Whisper Pro inside out

We only scratched the surface in this short article. There’s so much more left to uncover about our brand-new unit. Get more detailed information on our dedicated website or contact your dealer for more information.

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