“The best decision we’ve ever made” – Thermolite™ solar panels in action

2nd April 2019

It’s estimated that only one-billionth of the Sun’s total energy output actually reaches Earth. Luckily that’s more than enough to charge ThermoLite™ solar panels, and to open up any number of brightly lit, radiant, and red-hot sales opportunities!

What’s more it’s an easy conversation to have, with the focus on increasing asset uptime and cutting costs. Hence why customers themselves can quickly get excited. Take Otto Nijhus, Owner and Founder of Agroworld who’s gone on record to state:

“The installation of the ThermoLite™ solar panels is the best decision we have ever made”.

Powerful stuff – and there’s more to come from Agroworld in a moment.

Putting sunlight to work

As a quick reminder, ThermoLite™ solar panels deliver a number of highly relevant and practical benefits to transporters:

  • Increase vehicle uptime by optimizing the performance of individual units
  • Reduce fuel consumption (less engine idling etc.)
  • Extend the service life of equipment by reducing wear and tear
  • Improve battery life for more dependable unit operations

Powerful numbers

Ready to impress your customers? Here are some standout numbers associated with the technology.

  • Up to 23% fuel savings.
    Keeping batteries fully charged throughout the day reduces engine idling time. Even in rainy or low-light conditions and during extended down periods.
  • 560kg CO2 emission reduction per unit.
    Lower engine idling time also means lower emissions.
  • Mounted in less than 60 minutes.
    Thanks to a quick and simple installation.

In addition, you can also point to the extensive testing Thermo King has put the solar panels through to ensure they come ‘fully rugged’.

The customer’s perspective

All of which brings us back to Agroworld. This is a food forwarding company that transports fresh produce between Holland, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. The fleet numbers (at the last count) 56 tractors and 100+ trailers.

They took the decision to fit ThermoLite™ solar panels in the middle of last year, and have since been delighted with the results. Talking fuel costs alone, the company estimates a total saving of €380 of diesel costs per unit per year.

It’s a success story that’s now available to all dealers via the medium of video – and a short customer testimonial (44 seconds!) that features the previously mentioned Mr Nijhus, as well as his Fleet Manager.

Open new doors with ThermoLite™ solar panels

Ready to add this powerful technology to your customer offering? Or want more evidence they really can help delight customers and boost your relationship with them?

A good place to start is by watching the Agroworld video testimonial, and hearing directly how:

  • The technology is proven to work for fleets with a sizeable number of assets
  • Significant cost savings can be achieved by cutting the diesel fuel bill
  • Owners and Fleet Managers are delighted with the performance