The 7 benefits of solution selling

12th June 2018

You know the importance of building a closer relationship with your customers. By combining expertise, convenience and practical know-how, you are their go-to person for refrigeration advice.

You can sell a product – of course – but you can also make the move toward solution selling. This can be the catalyst for inspiring deeper, more meaningful customer engagement.

To show why, we’ve detailed the 7 key benefits of solution selling:

Benefit #1: You elevate the conversation

Put simply, the conversation you have with customers when selling a product will always change when talking solutions. Much more than the “what” and “how much”, solution conversations will revolve around the “why”.

In other words: you’ll talk strategy, not numbers. You’ll take a wider view of a customer’s needs and how they will change. This helps move the conversation beyond price to the topic of creating value.

Benefit #2: You focus on your value

For your business talking about value creation is about presenting a complete set of services to customers. It’s about talking business impact and emphasizing outcomes and capabilities.

This is important for helping you sell more (see benefit #6), and also for offering broader services that are not comparable to those of your competitors – and therefore not comparable from a price point either.

Benefit #3: You differentiate your business

Focusing on value, and acting as a true solutions provider, is essential for standing out from the competition. Armed with a complete set of services, you’re better prepared to:

  • Answer any customer questions
  • Respond to their specific needs
  • Support their long-term aspirations

All of which leads to:

Benefit #4: You build deeper engagement

Offering a comprehensive range of services is the ideal way to help develop long-term user and end-customer relationships. Why? Because when selling products, most interaction typically ends the moment the on-switch is pressed.

Solution selling on the other hand is about maintaining on-going dialogue, of being considered a valued opinion, and a company that can be relied upon to match business goals with the right refrigeration options each and every time.

Benefit #5: You become a trusted advisor

Being considered a trusted advisor means building a reputation with any customer on the strength of your expertise – whether that’s vehicle insulation, connected solutions, or advice and fleet consulting.

With solution selling, you also get to show your expertise at work – which is the perfect way to strengthen customer relationships.

Benefit #6: You make more money

Bringing all the above points together should lead to a significant increase in revenues for your business. This is the ultimate value of solutions selling, and its ability to stimulate recurring revenues – and any number of cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Benefit #7: You secure the future of your dealership

Investing in the expertise of solution selling is the ideal way to ‘future-proof’ your dealership. The new skills and capabilities gained can help extend the range of customer services you offer – thereby optimizing overall capacity within the business.

Make the most of solution selling

You too can offer your customers the same degree of value-driven engagement and comprehensive solutions.

Consult your solutions toolbox to learn more about:

  • The solutions storefront and catalogue of potential offerings
  • More detail on the solutions available from Thermo King
  • A range of market and customer insights

Don’t have the toolbox yet? You can download it here