An answer to rising fuel prices

24th March 2022

These days, a visit to the fuel pump is a bit of a gamble. Fuel prices have been climbing at astonishing rates. In some parts of Europe the price of filling up a fuel tank has almost doubled, meaning an overall increase in operational costs for fleet owners.

A challenging situation for the transportation sector, to be sure. But every challenge also brings opportunity, a chance to move forward.

An opportunity to invest in fuel efficient refrigeration solutions

Of course, the most obvious answer to the question How do I lower my fuel costs? is Use less fuel. Easier said than done. There is always the option of switching completely to electric vehicles. After all, the electrification wave is the undeniable way of the future. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and a full fleet isn’t upgraded overnight. Fleet owners looking for smaller, more immediate solutions, can rely on Thermo King’s range of technologies that have proven their effectiveness at fuel efficiency and thus, lowering fuel consumption.

Focus on fuel efficiency

For trailers, our Advancer™ unit has a proven track record of dramatically reducing your fuel costs. Advancer isn’t only the most fuel efficient trailer refrigeration unit in the market, it also comes with an additional promise. If Advancer doesn’t meet its fuel-saving target after one year, we’ll pick up the bill. That’s a promise! Calculate your own savings here.

If you’re looking for fuel saving solutions for trucks, our T-Series range is the most fuel-efficient model on the market today.  T-Series answers perfectly to any need your fleet might have, from  single – to multi temperature  to the last mile with T-Series Whisper. Your fleet will be as fuel efficient as possible, whatever the route. On routes with multiple stops, the faster pull-down times mean even lower fuel-consumption, helping to protect your truck’s margins.

Transitioning to full-electric solutions

If you’re looking for refrigeration solutions that will completely eliminate the need for fuel in your unit, take a look at Thermo King’s range of full-electric technologies.

For smaller vehicles, the E-200 is the ideal solution to the problem posed by the rising costs of fuel. Compatible with both electric and engine-powered vehicles, the E-200 is a plug and play unit that operates completely independently of your vehicle’s power source. An optional battery pack can increase the autonomy of the unit even further, keeping your fleet on the road for longer periods of time. All without consuming a single drop of fuel!

There are full-electric solutions available for larger vehicles too. With Frigoblock, we have the most complete all-electric portfolio of cooling units on the market today. Thanks to Frigoblock’s market leading alternator and invertor technology, the units are driven by the vehicles’ engine with minimal performance loss. With a staggering operating efficiency, your fleet benefits from extremely low operating cost, keeping your units powered and your margins intact.

An opportunity to change for the better

There is no doubt that the current situation with fuel prices is cause for concern in the transportation sector. Margins are already thin and the rising costs of fuel only put more strain on them. However bad the situation might look right now, there are steps that can be taken. Steps that can not only limit the damage done by fuel prices, but can actively benefit your fleet into the future. Thermo King is ready to help you move forward!

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