TK SmartSaver: get your Advancer fuel-saving target at your local Thermo King dealership

4th June 2021

Discover your fuel savings when you switch to Advancer. If you don’t save your predicted fuel-saving target, we’ll pay you back the difference.

Advancer is the most fuel-efficient trailer refrigeration unit on the market today! It saves 30% of fuel compared to the market average. That is why we launched the Fuel Promise Campaign.

If you provide the necessary information (the # of TRUs in your fleet, the average ambient temperature, etc.), your Thermo King dealer can put your data into our TK Smart Saver application and calculate:

  • fuel savings in liters
  • amount of CO2 emissions saved
  • number of trees saved by using Advancer

With this information, your dealer will give you a fuel-saving target. And if you don’t save the predicted amount of fuel after year 1, Thermo King will pay you back the difference.

We’ve launched our most ambitious campaign for two reasons:  

  1. Transparency on fuel-savings
  2. Demand for sustainable units

Transparency on fuel consumption

For the first time in the industry, you can see how fuel-efficient Advancer actually is. All of this information is available thanks to Advancer’s electronic engine speed control: Eco Governor (for A-400 and A-500).

It turns out that Advancer is indeed 30% more fuel-efficient than the market average – that’s why we are so confident putting our money on the line.

Demand for sustainable units

Fuel consumption data is valuable nowadays. In a recent interview , Michael Kane, Sales Director at Marshall Fleet Solutions, revealed that the launch of the fuel-efficient Advancer couldn’t have been planned better for two distinct reasons:

  • Sustainable ambitions: more and more large retail companies are setting ambitious sustainability goals. Tesco promised to turn their operations fully electrical by 2030 and Sainsbury will cut its GHG emissions by 30% by 2030.
  • Legislative action to reduce emissions: red diesel bans in the UK and the Paris Climate Agreement are just two pieces of legislation pushing transporters towards more fuel-efficient modes of transport to avoid excessive costs.

Get your fuel-saving target at your local dealership

Find out how much fuel and money you’ll save with Advancer. Contact your local dealer now.

Can’t wait? Calculate how much you might save with Advancer on our Fuel Saving Campaign page and start saving money with Advancer.