V-1000. A revolution in large truck refrigeration technology

9th July 2021

High performance, a lower environmental impact, and a lower total cost of ownership. The V-1000 lets you deliver within the city center with ease.

Is there a unit that can perform exceptionally on medium and large trucks? There is now:  our V-1000, the latest addition to Thermo King’s vehicle-powered V-series.

The unit can compete with diesel-powered truck units thanks to the high performance of the V-1000. And with its low environmental impact, it’s the perfect unit to enter the inner city for your retail deliveries.

Over 6 years of operation, you will save up to 30,000 EUR with the V-1000.

Sustainable Direct Drive unit

The V-1000 is a direct drive unit (meaning that it is powered by the efficient truck engine). Therefore, it will minimize your environmental impact. And the numbers don’t lie.  

  • Up to 250 kg less weight
    Reducing fuel consumption
  • Zero diesel and CO₂ emissions
    from the unit
  • Low noise
    Less than 60 dB when in operation

Unique compressor for increased performance

What distinct the V-1000 from competitors? Performance. This unit is 25% more powerful – compared to its predecessor and other equivalent self-powered truck diesel units.

And it will remain on top for a long time. You see, we reached that peak performance with a new and unique road compressor: the QP25. And we have a 2-year exclusivity agreement for transport refrigeration applications with the manufacturer.

“Traditionally, companies operating larger, rigid trucks have been interested in self-powered diesel units. This tradition is about to change with the V-1000”, adds Eneko Fernandez, Product Leader Truck.

Save up to 30,000 EUR over 6 years

The V-1000 doesn’t contain a diesel engine. It also has fewer components compared to its competitors. This results in:

  • Up to 54% less fuel consumption
    Compared to equivalent self-powered systems
  • Up to 33% lower maintenance costs
    Thanks to the absence of a diesel engine

So, you will have tremendous fuel and money savings with V-1000. According to our estimations, you’d be able to save up to 30,000 EUR over 6 years gathering altogether fuel savings, maintenance and service costs. Of course, this depends on your previous unit.

Get to know our V-1000 unit

There’s so much more to unpack about our V-1000 unit. Discover our brand-new unit at your own pace over here.