Expanding the Thermo King Academy: discover the brand new Sales training & Certification Program.

4th July 2023

The Sales Training & Certification Program is designed to help our sales representatives discover and understand your fleet’s needs.

Excellent and expert customer service and guidance is one of the guiding principles of Thermo King. This cannot be achieved without a highly trained network of dealers and technicians. That’s why we’ve continuously invested in the Thermo Kind Academy, our internal training center.

 Thermo King understands that units alone aren’t enough. We heavily invest in making sure our sales representatives and dealers know what you need and how Thermo King can help your fleet across the board. In making sure our sales representatives are more than salespeople – but advisors and consultants, dedicated to helping your fleet with the combined power of Thermo King’s units, services, and accessories. In other words, in making sure our salespeople offer you solutions and improvements and guide you in choosing the right product.

Helping our salespeople understand your challenges – and know their solutions

Since the start of 2023, an exciting expansion into the Thermo King Academy has gone live. The Sales Training & Certification Program.  Designed to help our sales representatives discover and understand your fleet’s needs, the program does not just focus on improving product knowledge. It instead focuses on granting knowledge and insight into the entire Thermo King portfolio and how ever unit, service, or accessory can serve your fleet and your entire operation. The Sales Program is recurrent and will be continuously developed to evolve and change with your needs as a customer. This means the program is designed to support sales representatives throughout their entire career at Thermo King, to help serve your fleet better.

After the initial onboarding, focusing on a comprehensive and throughout product overview, two more Certi-Sales certifications will form the basis for a sales representative’s development throughout their Thermo King career.

  • Sales Professional Program

This program is designed to dive deeper into trailer and truck products.  It consists of a mix of instructor-led training, mentoring, independent study, and homework, capped off by a knowledge check!

  • Expert Sales Professional Program

A refresher on all Thermo King solutions and additional-depth training on the newest launches such as AxlePower or Advancer Spectrum. Here, the sales representative works together with Thermo King’s dealers to really help your fleet shine.

On top of the two programs mentioned above, senior Sales representatives can also opt into the Master Sales Professional Program. Here, sales representatives continue their independent study and also take on a membership role, actively guiding and coaching new salespeople on Thermo King products and services! Everything to help them serve your fleet better!

Senior Sales Trainer Ayça Aroma is very excited about the program and sees this as an important milestone  in the TK Academy story:

“This program is a first for our company and I think for lots of people in our industry. Much effort is put into training technicians but the same amount of effort has to be invested in training our sales force too, ensuring they can help the customer to choose the best solution to cater to their needs. A big milestone for sure!”