Keeping your expenses down: combating the rising energy costs

14th October 2022

 Energy prices across Europe have been soaring. Over the course of the year, several records have already been broken, with bills totalling higher and higher amounts. But Thermo King can help you keep your cooling costs to a minimum, with a few quick and easy fixes.

Concrete tips

  • Minor adjustments to set-points

Changing the set-point of your cooling unit by just a single degree will have a noticeable effect on your fuel consumption. A single degree will not have an impact on the integrity of your cargo, but running your cooling unit at -19°C instead of -20°C will save you an average of xx litres per day, equal to xx litres per year.

  • ThermoLite™ Solar Panels
    Solar panels can be installed in various places, including the top of your tractor, trailers and cooling units. ThermoLite’s solar panels are the most efficient on the market and make sure your batteries will remain charged, even in low-light conditions and winter. Lightweight and easily installed in just 60 minutes, they can save up to 23% of fuel and help you meet your sustainability goals by reducing your CO2 emissions.
  • Door Switch

A door switch is a simple but effective tool to help reduce your unit’s runtime. Once the door to the trailer is opened, the low-profile switch will automatically turn off the refrigeration unit and restart it only when the door is closed again. Not only will it reduce the amount of fuel wasted by keeping your unit running during deliveries, but it will also lower noise and help you keep track of unauthorized door openings for increased security.

  • AxlePower

AxlePower means you can let the road power your fleet. The ePower Axle by BPW and our Energ—e pack means that no energy goes to waste. The system harvests energy from braking and downhill driving. The energy is captured and stored in the battery and used to power your refrigeration unit, enabling you to save up to 70% to 100% of fuel.

  • Optimise your airflow

Bad airflow is double jeopardy. Not only is your cargo at risk of being compromised due to hot or cold spots, but your fuel bill will also increase. You’re paying more, for worse results. Re-evaluating how your cargo is loaded and organised may also result in better performance and optimised airflow.

Alternative energy sources

For those looking for an even more dramatic reduction in their fuel bills, there are a wealth of alternative energy sources available. You’ve already heard about one – AxlePower – but Thermo King offers more alternative energies to power your fleet.

Switching to units powered by HybridDrive, EnviroDrive or fully electric power can help reduce the fuel consumption of your cooling units by up to 100%. By combining a fully electric unit with AxlePower, your electricity bill will also shrink significantly, by lowering the need for recharging your cooling unit.

Specifics? No problem, you can use these calculators that let you work out exactly how much you’ll be saving with one of our units:

Difficult situation

This is a difficult situation for the industry. Thermo King is ready to support you in myriad ways, and our dealer network is always ready to help and assist.

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