There is more under the covers on the roof of your bus – travel in comfort

27th June 2022

While passengers might refer to it simply as ‘the A/C’, an HVAC unit in fact does far more than just control the temperature in a vehicle. It’s a powerful tool that benefits all levels of the transportation business, from passengers to the bottom line.

Thermo King’s Bus HVAC units, which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning,  accompany people along their public transport journey, making sure everyone aboard is kept comfortable and healthy.


Beat the heat

To a passenger waiting at a bus stop in the heat of summer, the sight of an approaching bus can be a lifeline. Knowing that the bus you’re about to board is cool and well ventilated can make a long journey an enjoyable and comfortable one. Equally, in the freezing cold of winter, a heated bus offers a warm haven, where passengers can let their fingers warm up and shed their scarves.

Whatever the temperature outside, our ATHENIA MkII SERIES incorporates an innovative heat pump that can heat and cool busses as is needed to keep passengers comfortable. An added benefit is that it provides 4 times the power it consumes, making it one of the most energy efficient ways of heating and cooling public transport vehicles on the market.

Besides its remarkable energy efficiency, the unit is also extremely quiet. It offers step-less speed regulation of the fans and blowers, which lower the noise level, enabling passengers to travel in peace.

However, HVAC does far more than just protect from the temperature. Let’s explore what else an HVAC unit adds to a public transport vehicle!

Breathing easy in clean air

Even as we’re gradually coming out of a pandemic, good ventilation remains important. Diseases and viruses spread easily in confined spaces, and good ventilation protects those passengers that are older and more vulnerable to infections.

Another benefit of good ventilation is the elimination of stronger odours, so any nasty smells that have wafted in, will promptly waft back out.

With Thermo King’s CO² censors , drivers can control exactly how much fresh air is entering the vehicle. As the vehicle runs and passengers get on and off, the driver can easily adjust the system’s settings. A well regulated flow of fresh air keeps passenger comfort high while optimising power consumption.


Speaking of drivers!

Driver comfort is crucial, as drivers need to keep their attention on the road. Any distraction is a danger to their safety and to that of their passengers. Our Bus HVAC units are designed with this simple fact in mind, which is why the controls for the HVAC units are right at the driver’s fingertips.

Our CANAIRE® is the most sophisticated controller in the industry. Despite this, it has an easy to read and understand display. Drivers can control the HVAC unit with a few simple presses of a button, safely adjusting the temperature and ventilation in their vehicle while they’re stopped at a red light, taking stock during scheduled downtime or waiting for passengers to board. If their passengers are uncomfortable, adjustments are easy. Wherever passengers are in the bus, the driver can control up to three temperature zones with precise temperature control for single, articulated and double-articulated buses.

For larger vehicles, the controller allows the driver to regulate the temperature and ventilation in their cabin, which is separate from the rest of the vehicle, keeping them comfortable at all times.


Fleet owners, last but certainly not least!

For fleet owners, HVAC isn’t about individual busses, but consistency across an entire fleet of vehicles. Public transport is subject to many regulations designed for the comfort of communities, such as noise regulations and LEZs. Thermo King’s bus HVAC units are designed with this fact in mind. The units offer high quality performance, whilst having a low (environmental) impact on the spaces they operate in.

With the low noise emanated by our HVAC units, busses can run late into the night, providing comfortable transport to passengers, while complying with the most stringent noise regulation. And to minimise the environmental impact of the ATHENIA™, it features innovative micro-channel coils. These ensure the unit has a low global warming potential. Refrigerant circuit installation packages that minimise the risk of refrigerant leakages from A/C systems are available as well, reducing the potential impact on the environment even further.

On a more practical level, fleet owners also benefit from access to Thermo King’s global Dealer and Service Network. This means maintenance is easier and uptime is maximised, sharply decreasing the TCO of an HVAC unit. Any problems experienced by a vehicle are addressed quickly and efficiently, getting it back out on the road as soon as possible.

High quality units mean drivers need to spend less time spent worrying about their unit’s integrity, minimizing downtime and time spent on maintenance. This makes their jobs easier and safer, decreasing their stress at work and making sure they can stay focussed on the road.

And when problems do arise, Thermo King offers thorough after-market support to get vehicles back on the road in no time, so that the community always has well ventilated, heated or cooled busses to rely on!

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