Introducing Max Your Cool: Thermo King’s new services and solutions offering

13th May 2024

Discover Thermo King’s new Max Your Cool offering of performance-enhancing smart services and digital solutions to help maximize your fleet operations and profitability.

There are various aspects of a cold chain logistics fleet that should always be operating “to the max”. For example:

  • Keeping your transport refrigeration units running and earning for as long as possible.
  • Taking fuel efficiency to the limit to boost profit margins.

These goals help deliver the maximum return on your investments.

We know your ambition is to operate to the max. We also appreciate that you’re constantly seeking maximum value from every investment. Value that is customized to your business and way of working. That’s why Thermo King is also taking all of its performance-enhancing services and solutions to the max – introducing our new Max Your Cool offering.

Smart solutions for the cold chain

Max Your Cool incorporates a wide range of customizable service agreements, smart digital solutions, upgrades, and quality spare parts. It’s been designed to align neatly with your most critical performance and financial priorities, and is split into four categories that deliver distinct business outcomes for you:

  • Max Your Uptime
  • Max Your Sustainability
  • Max Your Saving
  • Max your Control

1. Max Your Uptime:

…where we help bring your fleet availability up to an all-time high, by keeping refrigeration units working and earning for longer.

You can maximize your uptime with:

  • ThermoKare service agreements, customized to your fleet and budget
  • 24/7 Fleet Monitoring, with the reassurance of real-time coverage around the clock
  • Bluebox (Lite) for gaining all the telematics data needed to optimize performance
  • TracKing telematics portal that offer real-time temperature monitoring and direct access to your data

2. Max Your Sustainability:
…which puts the focus on limiting your fleet’s carbon footprint, and boosting the move to an all-electric future.

Some ways to maximize sustainability include:

  • Power without fuel, enabled by high-capacity batteries for both truck and trailer
  • Upgrades to maximize your sustainability, including solar panels and energy curtains
  • Re-manufactured parts that cut waste and the need for extra resource consumption

3. Max Your Savings:
…where smart services and digital solutions make it easy to realize concrete cost savings, improve the bottom line, and increase the residual value of your units.

Options to stop wasting and start saving include:

  • The ultrasonic fuel sensor for monitoring fuel levels and avoiding costly stops
  • Genuine Thermo King maintenance parts to reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Extended warranties, for access to personalized assistance and emergency support

4. Max Your Control:
…where you gain the insights needed to enhance performance and respond to any event via Thermo King’s Connected Solutions.

Our digital-first capabilities support multiple options:

  • TracKing telematics, for the real-time monitoring of cargo location and condition
  • Upgrades including Temperature Sensors for precise reporting
  • Wireless solutions like wLog for keeping a closer eye on temperature and humidity

Keep your performance up and worries down

By combining all of these offerings into the Max Your Cool portfolio, our goal is to future-proof your Thermo King investments. What’s more, you can also mix and max capabilities tailored to your unique requirements. From industry-leading telematics to customizable service agreements, we’re here to help take your performance to the max.

Ready to Max Your Cool?

Discover more about the innovative Max Your Cool portfolio of performance-enhancing smart services and digital solutions.

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