Frigoblock: 40 years of electrification expertise

5th December 2022

Full electric transport refrigeration units have certainly grown in popularity in recent years, as Fleet Managers respond to the ever-changing demands of customers and regulators. But back in 1978 it was only a few pioneers of the technology leading the way.

It was an important year however, as in 1978 Frigoblock GmbH was founded. Since then, we’ve grown into a leading manufacturer of electric transport refrigeration units that exist at the cutting edge of innovation.

That said, any company can claim to be the leading trailblazer in their industry. But uniquely, Frigoblock can back up this claim with four decades of fresh thinking in electric cooling transportation. Here are the highlights:

The journey begins

Frigoblock’s reputation for powerful, sustainable, and cost-effective full electric transport refrigeration units has been forged since its inception in the late 70s. Yet even at the very beginning, we’ve been determined to push the boundaries of what’s possible:

  • Use of high capacity refrigerant R22 enabled our units to offer 100% higher refrigeration capacity compared to conventional systems
  • Reduced engine and compressor speeds helped lower noise emissions while almost doubling the unit’s operating life
  • Fitting evaporators externally enabled clients to use the full space and height of the loading space available

Building on success

Entering the 80s with momentum, Frigoblock’s next piece of ingenuity was a real game changer: the first multi-temperature truck units. With it, our customers could transport temperature-sensitive products requiring a mix of set points.

Other new innovations emerging in the 80s included:

  • Patented partition wall fans with automatic heating for 2 compartment trucks
  • Our L-Models, with reduced engine speed, cut noise by an additional 10dB(a)
  • A eutectic holdover system made from plastic, which was 50% lighter than traditional steel plates

Pushing boundaries

With the 90s came the start of production using R410A, an environmentally friendly, high-capacity refrigerant with a GWP value of <2500. It was also during this period that Frigoblock became the first global manufacturer to renounce the use of all fully halogenated CFCs.

As a result, we were able to present six low noise and CFC-free truck units with reduced exhaust emissions , created jointly with the Federal Environment Agency.

It was also during this decade that Frigoblock launched the roof-mounted DK Model range for large-volume truck-trailer and swap bodies. Even today, the DK is a unique solution for a refrigerated body when the truck space is restricted.

Delivering impressive results

Entering the new millennium, Frigoblock was already thinking ahead with the delivery of another global first: a refrigeration unit with hybrid drive.

The unit was able to instantly demonstrate a range of highly impressive results. These included 30-50% less fuel consumption, 50% more refrigeration, heating, and air capacity, and the ability to handle more payload.

In fact, the years 2000-2009 saw a string of new inventions, including a 4-way heat pump system for multi-evaporator refrigeration units, able to deliver extreme performance (such as defrost and re-cooling in minutes). 

Setting new standards

This latest decade leading up to the present day got off to a good start when the Federal Ministry of the Environment in Germany awarded Frigoblock first prize for innovation.

Following this came the next generation FK25i and FK35i units with integrated inverter technology and the new water-cooled alternators. Able to consume less energy and provide higher refrigeration capacity, these units are ideal for multi drop city distribution.

Achieve your ambitions with Frigoblock

And even up to the present day, new solutions are constantly being launched:

  • The first battery electrical truck unit with direct connectivity providing the best efficiency, highest cooling capacity and highest safety for full electric refrigerated transport
  • Envirodrive technology to power hybrid diesel units
  • A new electrified and renewed product range
  • In 2022, Frigoblock won the European Award for sustainability for the FK25i. The

Industry first all-electric unit and eye-catching innovation with high cooling capacity and the most fuel-efficient technology sit at the heart of Frigoblock’s reputation for quality and market-leading performance. For 40+ years we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and today there are over 40,000 Frigoblock full electric units on the road. That’s real progress, yet in our mind we’re only just getting started!

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