Fine-tuning performance: keeping your fleet on top of its game

27th August 2020

A little help can go a long way when it comes to fully utilizing your Thermo King investments – but with the Aftermarket Team, we’ve got you covered.

When customers purchase transport refrigeration equipment, they’re buying capability as much as product. They’re buying an output, a function, a promise. So what can Thermo King do to help extend the day-to-day value being delivered by these investments? Answering that particular question brings us to the Aftermarket Team, and the services they offer to help keep you running smart and ready for the challenges ahead.

Building on potential

If you’ve not had any dealings with the Aftermarket Team, let’s provide a quick overview. This is a business unit within Thermo King that’s focused on generating customer value. To be more specific, the support offered by the team is designed around three core areas relating to your refrigeration technologies:

  • Make it run – and supporting Thermo King products in the market with wide spare parts  availability and qualified technicians
  • Keep it fit – with for example ThermoKare service contracts , and providing access to upgrades that breathe new life into old units
  • Manage the fleet – delivering insights and information to help you better manage your fleet through our tracking solutions  and historic service databases

Delivering excellence

Working with the team also gives you access to extensive product knowledge, and best practice insights for operating your Thermo King units to their fullest potential.

But importantly, this level of know-how is not just aimed at our latest releases. Instead, the approach is dedicated to supporting a product line through its lifetime in operation. Included in this are the upgrades and recommendations that help you keep older equipment performing like new.

For the team, it all comes down to performance. There will of course be scenarios where a customer is encouraged to modernize older fleets whenever the cost and operational benefits make it viable. But equally, they will not hesitate to suggest retrofitted upgrades if these are seen to offer better customer value.

Practical suggestions

Talking of upgrades, it’s interesting to see what are the most common options taken by customers – and the most popular recommendations.

When asked to name their top two, P.P., Aftermarket Leader Transport Solutions has been quick to respond:

  • Solar panels – for their ability to provide an important power source for functions such as telematics, as well as delivering up to 20% fuel savings (as the engine doesn’t have to work to keep the battery charged)
  • Energy curtains – to help with minimizing temperature pulldowns. They too can contribute to fuel savings, and can be vital for securing load temperature throughout the distribution journey

Touching base

Finally, in this brief overview of the Aftermarket Team, it’s worth highlighting the key touchpoints where they get involved:

  • At your point of Initial acquisition – where we work with Thermo King dealers to offer a range of service and maintenance contracts. Depending upon which option you select, we can support anytime/anywhere breakdown cover, smart maintenance schedules, or a mix of the two
  • At each service moment – whenever your equipment is serviced and repaired, it’s also thoroughly inspected to ensure operational parameters are being maintained. It’s also here that we can recommend upgrades to your existing fleet to help bridge any ‘capabilities gaps’ between older vehicles and those recently acquired

Put our expertise to work

Want to ensure your fleet is operating to the highest possible levels of performance?

You can start the conversation by contacting your dealer to enquire about Aftermarket products: