How ambition shaped the Advancer range

10th June 2024

The fastest pulldown on the market, unrivaled cooling efficiency and radical innovation. Advancer took the refrigerated transport industry by storm four years ago. Today, it still stands as the ultimate standard in trailer refrigeration. Even more, it has advanced into a wide range of solutions and technologies, making your fleet more sustainable, more efficient, more performant. Evolving ambition, turned into progress.

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One record-breaking unit

What still makes Advancer the ultimate standard in trailer refrigeration? It was designed to break all records in performance, efficiency, savings and sustainability. Innovation pushed to its very limit, so your fleet can go beyond market averages.

The most fuel-efficient and highest-performing

From sub-zero temperature for vaccines to the single digits for fruits and vegetables. Advancer’s engine-independent airflow keeps your cargo protected, while saving up to 30% on fuel. Thanks to maximized efficiency and performance this unit pays itself back in less than 24 months.

The fastest pulldown

Advancer still rules as the cheetah of pulldown, reaching its temperature up to 40% faster than competitors. This means less fuel burned while getting ready and more time spent on the road.

The longest maintenance cycle

The minimalist design with fewer and better-placed parts extends the uptime of Advancer to an impressive maintenance interval of 3,000 hours. This unit requires 30% less servicing and when it does, maintenance is done 60% faster. An hour to change an air filter? All it takes is 25 minutes!

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Turned into a range of future-proof solutions

Advancer was built from ambition. And just like anything else in this world, ambition evolves. That’s why the Advancer family keeps innovating and growing, ensuring the perfect fit for your fleet, today and tomorrow. Whatever your ambition, Advancer has an industry-leading solution for it.

Meet the Advancer family

Advancer Single Temp: precise trailer refrigeration with hallmark fuel efficiency

Advancer Spectrum: Ultra-precise multi-zone temperature control

Advancer-e: Zero emission trailer refrigeration

Advancer Whisper Pro: Quiet inner-city deliveries

Zero-emission refrigeration

The road to full electrification has never been greener and cleaner with the engineless Advancer-e, compatible with alternative power sources. Less noise, less weight, extremely efficient.

Sustainable power sources

The Advancer range is compatible with the most sustainable power sources on the market, reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint without compromising on performance or efficiency. Together with BPW, Thermo King developed AxlePower, an award-winning power solution that captures and stores the energy generated by your vehicle’s axle. The HybridDrive and GreenTech power solutions offer the most advanced technology for diesel, electric or hybrid operations.

Any cargo, anywhere, any time

The refrigeration trailer of the future is flexible and versatile. Advancer Spectrum enables you to deliver any variation of cargo in one trailer with ultra-precise multi-zone temperature control. And with Advancer Whisper Pro, you can enter the city at night without waking up a soul. Wherever you go, with Advancer you’re always relying on the most innovative technology to unlock the full potential of your fleet.

Advancer has been keeping fleets ahead of competition for four years. And it will do so for many years to come. Secure your fleet’s future with the Advancer range.

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