Advancer Whisper Pro – Enter the city at night

For decades, Thermo King has actively prioritized noise attenuation across its product range. 

Within our recent Advancer range, we developed a brand-new unit that lets you enter the city at night: the ultra-quiet A-500 Whisper Pro is compliant with even the most stringent inner city noise regulations

Less than 60 dB to let you quietly traverse the last mile.

Can you hear the silence?

By regulating night deliveries in more densely populated areas, municipalities want to improve living conditions in the inner city.

To comply with noise regulations (including PIEK), the sound level of our A-500 Whisper Pro unit measures 60dB or less at a 7-meter radius.

Sound Pressure (in dB)

Desktop computer


Singing bird


Whisper Pro


Noise limit


Normal conversation




Planning the most efficient route

Did you know that operating outside rush hour results in 14% faster distribution routes. With A-500 Whisper Pro, dispatchers can plan the most efficient route at night.

That means your fleet is extra flexible and efficient – since you can deliver directly where you need to go – even when it’s right in the middle of the city center. 

  • Avoid rush hour 
  • Skip traffic jams 
  • Stop wasting precious time (and money) 

Operating outside rush hour results in 14% faster distribution routes.

Geofencing: peace of mind for your drivers

Your drivers must keep their eyes on the road at all times. Distractions – like switching to low-noise engines when entering an urban area – are to be avoided.

Luckily, that’s no longer the case. Governments and municipalities drew maps of low-noise areas into their city. We used this information to draw a geofence around this area.

Thanks to automatic geofencing, Advancer Whisper Pro automatically switches when it enters a low-noise area.  As a result, your drivers won’t have to intervene manually when entering a restricted area.  

Don’t compromise on cooling capacity     

Our Advancer range is already one of the most silent on the market today. It was constructed to reduce noise pollution to a minimum.  But we went the extra mile with the A-500 Whisper Pro. 

  • Well below the noise regulations threshold of 60 db
    including PIEK regulations
  • The highest cooling capacity
    for a unit that’s allowed to enter the city at night mode
  • Complete package
    no need for additional installations and services