ThermoTech: New sustainable technologies for the future of refrigerated transport

11th January 2022

From all-electric cooling to state-of-the-art fuel-driven units, ThermoTech presents technology for the future of refrigerated transport.

Solutrans is the place to get up to speed with trends within the transport industry, but this year Thermo King took it to a new level. In presenting ThermoTech, a place where sustainability drives innovation, the company paved the way to the future of refrigerated transport.

The first sight visitors had of Thermo King’s booth was a calm forest scene, inviting them to step out of the hustle and bustle of Solutrans and into a calmer environment. ThermoTech was a place for visitors to take their time to explore a concept for a better planet and improved quality of life driven by cutting-edge technology.

Thermo King’s commitment to sustainability is not new. Trane Technologies Gigaton commitment informs every aspect of their work, but with ThermoTech it was proudly placed front and center. Indeed, the external part of the booth was dedicated entirely to how the refrigerated transport industry can contribute to sustainability through innovation.

With over 60,000 delegates visiting Solutrans over 5 days, the opportunity to impress was huge. Sure enough, ThermoTech’s customer events were filled with visitors eager to learn more about the future of refrigerated transport. This was a testimony to the impact of the concept and the desire within the market for performance products developed with sustainability as a foundation.

The Past Informs the Future

Before entering the second part of the booth, visitors were treated to a guided tour through the last 85 years of Thermo King’s story; reinforcing the message that whatever challenges Thermo King has encountered, our pioneering spirit has always pushed us further. However, the main focus was on the future of refrigerated transport. At its core, ThermoTech answers the demand for solutions that combine sustainability and performance with innovation. These brand-new technologies eliminate the sustainability premium.

Once in the interior of the booth, visitors experienced a high-tech gallery of the future of refrigerated transport. Digital animations demonstrated the concept and workings of several new innovations, whilst visitors could also interact with several of the units. From all-electric cooling designed to electrify the Last Mile to our industry-leading, fuel-driven Advancer units: ThermoTech offered technologies to meet any refrigerated transport challenge.

 “By prioritizing, investing, and developing sustainable technology, we bring measurable benefits to our customers. While doing so, we strive to improve the quality of life and make our planet a better place”, said Francesco Incalza, Thermo King’s President for EMEA. ThermoTech is the embodiment of this promise.

Two of the technologies that most captivated visitors to ThermoTech were AxlePower coupled with our Advancer A500 unit and EnviroDrive utilizing Frigoblock’s new FK2. Let’s take a closer look at what these can offer…


  • Cutting-edge energy recovery technology for trailers: Cooling power is generated by harvesting energy from the rear axle. This technology is developed in partnership with BPW
  • Silent, high-powered cooling that’s completely fuel-free and 100% tractor independent.


  • EnviroDrive is Thermo King’s ingeniously flexible alternator technology for small trucks.
  • With electricity generated from the engine’s normal operation, the FK2 unit is 100% electrically driven, giving you less emissions and less noise.

The end of the sustainability premium

These and other advanced technologies from the ThermoTech Open Air range are designed to eliminate the choice between green deliveries and the bottom line. Helping your customers to deliver more efficiently and sustainably than ever.

Check out the whole range on our website and get ready to shape the future refrigerated transport, wherever you deliver.