13th May 2024 Thermo King Announces Max Your Cool – a Complete Range of Performance-Enhancing Services and Solutions
8th May 2024 Trailer Dynamics and Thermo King join forces to accelerate electrification across the Commercial Transport industry
29th April 2024 Thermo King Acknowledges Dealers for 2023 Performance and Customer Support
18th April 2024 Thermo King and Mercedes-Benz Collaborate to Advance Electrification of Refrigerated Transport in Ireland
15th April 2024 Trane Technologies Calls for Greater Action, Collaboration To Transform Commercial Transport and the Cold Chain
5th March 2024 Locotranssped Enhances Partnership with Thermo King through ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring
20th February 2024 ECS Tests Thermo King E-COOLPAC Battery Genset for their Refrigerated Marine Containers
15th February 2024 Trane Technologies, EU Parliament and Commission Officials & Cold Chain Partners Call for Accelerated Food Loss Solutions
5th February 2024 Thermo King Starts Production of the New Fully Electric E-500e for Electric Light Commercial Vehicles
1st December 2023 Thermo King AxlePower with BPW ePower axle Wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2024
30th November 2023 Trane Technologies Calls for Accelerated Climate Action, Increased Transparency at COP28
29th November 2023 Thermo King Collaborates with BPW and idem telematics for More Comprehensive Data Sharing
22nd November 2023 Trane Technologies Delivers All-Electric, Zero Direct Emission Thermo King® Solutions in Every Segment of the Cold Chain in EMEA
13th November 2023 Thermo King AxlePower Transforms Sustainable Transport with Successful Trial Results
23rd October 2023 Thermo King’s Electrifying Showcase at Solutrans 2023: Enter the “E-Zone”
18th October 2023 Thermo King to Offer Advanced Trailer Connectivity Solution Enabled by ZF Technology
4th October 2023 Thermo King to Showcase Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Solutions at Intermodal Europe 2023
29th September 2023 Thermo King to Showcase New Sustainable Thermal Management Solutions at 2023 Busworld in Brussels, Belgium
27th September 2023 Thermo King T-1200R Whisper Pro with PIEK-Certification and Connectivity as Standard is Now in Production
30th August 2023 Stroetmann on the Road to Fleet Decarbonization with Frigoblock Electric Refrigeration
9th August 2023 McLanachan Transport Limited (MTL) Pharma Trailers with Thermo King Advancer Spectrum Multi-Temperature Refrigeration
24th July 2023 TLX in Spain Debuts Fully Electric Refrigerated Last Mile Deliveries with Thermo King VX-Series Units
5th July 2023 Thermo King Enables Wireless Connectivity with wLog, New Data Logger and Temperature Monitoring Solution
26th May 2023 Thermo King Enhances the Telematics Connectivity for the Vehicle-Powered Units
8th May 2023 Thermo King Recognizes 2022 Dealership Excellence
3rd May 2023 Thermo King Brings Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions for All Sizes of Vehicles and Trailers to the ITT Hub Exhibition
21st April 2023 Vendelbo Spedition’s Trailers with Thermo King Advancer Spectrum Multitemperature Units
30th March 2023 Solucious’ Delivery Operations in Belgium Benefit from Thermo King Telematics Connectivity
15th March 2023 RTR and Dailycool in the Netherlands with the First Trailer Refrigerated by the All-Electric Thermo King Advancer-e
16th February 2023 Brakes Trials New Zero-Emission Trucks with Frigoblock Electric Refrigeration
19th January 2023 Thermo King AxlePower Systems Started Operations with TIP Group in the Netherlands
14th December 2022 Fife Creamery Replaces Diesel-Powered Units with Engineless Thermo King and Frigoblock Refrigeration Systems
9th November 2022 Thermo King, Petit Forestier and IFFEN Institute Create Education Platform for Future Refrigeration Technicians in France
9th November 2022 Thermo King Advancer AxlePower Takes Bronze in “Trailer Innovation” 2023 Awards
26th October 2022 Thermo King Expands its C-Series Range for Small Trucks and Vans
25th October 2022 Thermo King to Present the Broadest Refrigeration Portfolio in the Container Industry at Intermodal 2022
6th October 2022 Frigoblock Ensures High Capacity Electric Refrigeration for Mångbergs Åkeri Long-Haul Distribution in Sweden
19th September 2022 Thermo King Premieres the E-Series, New Fully Electric Refrigeration Units Designed for Battery Electric Vehicles
19th September 2022 Thermo King Unveils New Bus HVAC Heat Pump with Natural Refrigerant
15th September 2022 Thermo King Showcases New Choices for Sustainable Rail HVAC at InnoTrans 2022
14th September 2022 Thermo King Premieres Three Breakthrough Advancer Trailer Refrigeration Systems
12th September 2022 Thermo King Expands its Vehicle-Powered Portfolio with New VX-Series Units
9th September 2022 Frigoblock Introduces New EK Whisper Electric Undermount Split Refrigeration Systems
5th September 2022 Thermo King Introduces T-1200R Whisper Pro, a Powerful PIEK-Certified Truck Refrigeration Unit
1st September 2022 Thermo King Announces New UT-R Portfolio for Undermount Truck and Drawbar Trailer Applications
16th August 2022 Thermo King to Introduce Leading Edge Innovation for Truck, Trailer and Bus at IAA Transportation 2022
4th July 2022 Thermo King® by Trane Technologies Accelerates Electrification Innovation in Europe with New Research & Development Center
8th June 2022 Martin & Servera Selects Thermo King V-1000 Refrigeration Units for Their New Fleet in Sweden
2nd June 2022 Thermo King Voted “Best Brand” in Germany
31st May 2022 Thermo King V-1000 Units Deliver Clean, Powerful Refrigeration for Varubud’s Distributions in Sweden
25th May 2022 Thermo King Introduces Athenia™ MkIII Series, New HVAC Roof Units for Diesel and CNG Buses
18th May 2022 Frigoblock Refrigerates New Electric Trucks in Simon Loos Fleet in the Netherlands
16th May 2022 Thermo King Supplies Hapag-Lloyd with High Performance Generator Sets
5th May 2022 Thermo King to Exhibit Solutions for Today and Future Refrigerated Transport at ITT Hub in Farnborough, UK
25th March 2022 Thermo King Highlights Cold Chain Decarbonization and Innovation at Global Cold Chain Alliance Conference
23rd February 2022 Transfesa Logistics Relies on ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring from Thermo King for Around-the-Clock-Cargo Protection
12th January 2022 Wolter Koops with 300 New Thermo King Advancer Units
10th December 2021 Thermo King Cools Fraikin’s First Fully Electric Refrigerated Van in Belgium
2nd December 2021 RTR Increases Trailers’ Fuel Efficiency and Cargo Protection with Thermo King Advancer Units and ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring
30th November 2021 Frigoblock wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2022 for its Electric FK25i Refrigeration Unit
16th November 2021 Solutrans 2021: Thermo King AxlePower with BPW’s ePower Axle – New Technology for Zero Direct Emissions Trailer Refrigeration
16th November 2021 Frigoblock Introduces the FK2 Refrigeration Unit for Electric Transport Cooling and Sustainable Deliveries
15th November 2021 New Advancer Hybrid Trailer Units from Thermo King
10th November 2021 New Thermo King TracKing SmartConfig Service for Smarter and More Efficient Fleet Operations
10th November 2021 Thermo King Launches SG-3500, New Dependable and Cost-Effective Generator Set for Marine Reefers
4th November 2021 Frigoblock Collaborates with Mercedes-Benz to Refrigerate the First Battery-Powered eActros Trucks
28th October 2021 Frigoblock Cools the First Electric Refrigerated Truck in Spain
22nd October 2021 Thermo King Showcases Sustainable Innovation in Refrigerated Transport at the Solutrans 2021 Show in Lyon, France
14th October 2021 Turners (Soham) Ltd Counts on Fuel Savings with Thermo King Advancer
13th October 2021 Trane Technologies’ Thermo King® Advancer awarded Project Excellence Award from the Project Management Institute
29th September 2021 FRIGOBLOCK Refrigerates UK’s First Fully Electric Large Goods Trucks from NRG Riverside
8th September 2021 Trane Technologies’ Thermo King Will Deliver All-Electric, Zero-Emission Solutions for End-to-End Cold Chain by 2023
1st September 2021 48% Fuel Saving Drives Huntapac’s Switch to Thermo King’s Advancer
26th August 2021 German LKV Weser-Ems Milk Laboratory Relies on Thermo King E-200 Refrigeration Units for Milk Samples Transportation
25th August 2021 FRIGOBLOCK Helps BIOGROS to Electrify Their Distribution Fleet and Reduce CO2 Emissions
19th August 2021 Thermo King Brings Innovation to COMTRANS 2021 in Moscow
4th August 2021 Thermo King Wins 17th Consecutive “Best Brand” ETM Award in Germany
26th July 2021 Trane Technologies’ Thermo King Manufacturing Production Line is Among the First in Europe to be ISO-Certified as Carbon Neutral
20th July 2021 Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units, A Powerful Alternative for Large Truck Diesel Refrigeration Systems
12th July 2021 Thermo King Launches ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Service for Increased Uptime and Cargo Protection
7th July 2021 Thermo King Introduces Advancer Whisper Pro
22nd June 2021 Thermo King Zero-Emission Refrigeration Units Cool A2B Finland’s Electric Home Delivery Fleet
21st June 2021 FRIGOBLOCK Adds Telematics and Connectivity Technology, Putting Refrigeration Units’ Data to Work
16th June 2021 Trane Technologies’ Thermo King Manufacturing Production Line is Among the First in Europe to be ISO-Certified as Carbon Neutral
11th June 2021 Thermo King announces development of a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and a Robotics Automation Training Centre
11th June 2021 Ocado Retail Choses Thermo King Advancer Units for Their Latest Fleet Upgrade
2nd June 2021 Al-Babtain Group Choses Thermo King as the Refrigeration Systems Supplier for Nissan and Renault Vans in Kuwait
2nd June 2021 Thermo King Solutions Advance COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Brandenburg, Germany
25th May 2021 Thermo King Ads CO2 Sensor for Optimized Fresh Air Ventilation in Hybrid and Electric Buses
19th May 2021 Thermo King Awards First Dealers with Blue Track Select Certification for Outstanding Uptime Services
11th May 2021 Thermo King Approves HVO Fossil-Free Diesel Fuel for More Sustainable Truck and Trailer Operations
10th May 2021 Kibsons International LLC Expands its Home Delivery Fleet with 80 New Thermo King Refrigerated Vans
5th May 2021 Thermo King Ultra-low Temperature Storage Solutions Help va-Q-tec in COVID-19 Global Vaccine Distribution
28th April 2021 Freight Line Europe and Frigo-Trans Use Thermo King Connected Solutions for Smarter Fleet Operations
21st April 2021 Thermo King Cools K Group’s Fully Electric-Powered Grocery Deliveries in Finland
12th April 2021 Thermo King Offers a “Money-Back Guarantee” on the Advancer Trailer Unit’s Fuel Savings
12th April 2021 Thermo King Launches New Container Fresh & Frozen (CFF) Refrigeration Units
16th March 2021 Thermo King Solar Panels Save Fuel, Reduce CO2 Emissions and Increase Uptime of ECS’ Refrigerated Trailer Fleet
5th March 2021 Thermo King Launches its Li-ion Battery for All-Electric and Sustainable Refrigerated Transport
10th February 2021 Thermo King Advancer Project Awarded as Engineering Endeavour of 2020 by Engineers Ireland
3rd February 2021 Thermo King and Mercedes-Benz Vans Co-Developing an All-Electric eSprinter Van Specified for Pharma Deliveries
19th January 2021 Thermo King Offers New Advancer Trailer Refrigeration Units in a “Trade in – Trade up” Program Across the United Kingdom
13th January 2021 Thermo King Adds Connectivity to the UT-Series of Truck Undermount Refrigeration Units
17th December 2020 Thermo King Launches ColdCube™ Connect FLEX Mobile Refrigerated Containers with Autonomous Operation
14th December 2020 Thermo King Refrigerates Tesco’s New Zero-Emission Home Delivery Vehicles
9th December 2020 Thermo King Launches Blue Track, its New Uptime-Focused Service Excellence Program
3rd December 2020 Thermo King Hosts Online Connectivity Event
21st October 2020 Thermo King and Envirotainer Ready for Secure Temperature Controlled Air-Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccine
2nd October 2020 Thermo King Wins “Trailer Innovation” 2021 Award for its Advancer Refrigeration Units
23rd September 2020 Thermo King by Trane Technologies Launches Cold Storage Solutions to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
4th August 2020 Thermo King Truck Hybrid Refrigeration Units Hit the Roads
23rd July 2020 Thermo King Wins “Best Brand 2020” at Readers’ Choice ETM Awards in Germany
6th July 2020 Thermo King Units to Cool FreshLinc’s New Trailer Fleet
1st July 2020 Thermo King Announces premier+, a Financial Solution Featuring Refrigeration Unit, Trailer and Service Offering
18th June 2020 Thermo King Launches Advancer, a Trailer Refrigeration Innovation
9th June 2020 Thermo King and BPW Announce Collaboration
20th May 2020 Thermo King and its Dealer Network Maintaining the Transport of Food, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
30th April 2020 German Logistics Companies Benefit from Thermo King SLXi Hybrid Transport Refrigeration
27th March 2020 Tesco Dot-Com Fleet Gains Operational Flexibility with Thermo King E-200 All-Electric Refrigeration Units
17th March 2020 Thermo King E-200 Electric Refrigeration Unit with Hold-Over Capacity on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans
27th February 2020 Thermo King Awards its Dealer Service Network
4th February 2020 Thermo King Electric Units Cool Mediplus Pharma Distribution Fleet in Romania
16th January 2020 Thermo King E-200 Electric Units Bring New Operational and Sustainability Value to MatHem.se Online Grocery Store in Sweden
6th December 2019 Thermo King wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020 for its Innovative, Fully Electric E-200 Refrigeration Unit
20th November 2019 Thermo King Expands the Connected Solutions Portfolio with Lease Assist and TouchLog Data Logger
20th November 2019 Thermo King Connected Solutions Package Together with Chéreau’s Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers
19th November 2019 Thermo King Introduces Hybrid Refrigeration System for Trucks
19th November 2019 Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring New Electrifying Solutions to the Solutrans 2019 Show in Lyon, France
21st October 2019 Thermo King Launches Sustainable Bus HVAC Innovations at the 2019 Busworld Show in Brussels, Belgium
13th September 2019 Thermo King Gensets in Thornton Group’s Rental Offering Increase Transporters’ Operational Flexibility
9th September 2019 Thermo King and Frigoblock Discuss Future of Refrigerated Transport
3rd September 2019 Sustainable, Efficient and Electric Transport Refrigeration from Thermo King on show at COMTRANS in Moscow
28th August 2019 Combination of Thermo King Gensets and Solar Panels Helps B&H Logistik Efficiently Transport Refrigerated Containers
28th June 2019 Thermo King with 15th Consecutive ‘Best Brand Award’ from German Trade Magazines
24th June 2019 New Thermo King Trailer Assist Connectivity and Data Driven Solution for Trailers
4th June 2019 New Slim Spectrum S4.2 Evaporator for Thermo King Trailer Multi-temperature Refrigeration Units
14th May 2019 Thermo King Adds the Power of Connectivity to the T-Series Self-Powered Transport Refrigeration Units
2nd May 2019 Thermo King and Frigoblock Electrify Transport Refrigeration with the Latest Technology Launches
11th April 2019 Thermo King Teams up with Mercadona in Spain to Make Zero-Emission, All-Electric Home Deliveries
9th April 2019 Thermo King Discusses Better Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transportation and Logistics
13th March 2019 Electric, Hybrid and Lower-Emission Diesel Solutions for the UK on show from Thermo King and Frigoblock
27th February 2019 Thermo King Recognizes 2018 Dealer Award Winners
26th October 2018 Thermo King and Frigoblock Recognized with the John Connell Quiet Logistics Award by the Noise Abatement Society in the UK
19th September 2018 Thermo King and Northgate Deliver Fully Electric Refrigerated Distribution Vehicle
19th September 2018 Thermo King and Frigoblock Introduce Technologies for the “City of Tomorrow” at the IAA 2018 Show
18th September 2018 Thermo King Offers New Choices for Sustainable Rail HVAC
14th September 2018 Thermo King and Petit Forestier Showcase Large, Full-Electric Refrigerated Van at the IAA
12th September 2018 Thermo King Brings Sustainable Bus HVAC Technologies to the 2018 IAA Show in Hannover, Germany
20th August 2018 Thermo King and Frigoblock Envision the City of the Future at the 2018 IAA Show in Hannover, Germany
30th July 2018 EU CO2 Regulations for 2020 – what you need to know when buying a light Commercial Vehicle ( LCV)
6th July 2018 Thermo King Honoured with the Prestigious ‘Best Brand Award’ from German Trade Magazines
4th July 2018 The right temperature control for semi trucks – the 6 key questions to ask
7th June 2018 More Powerful ThermoLite™ Solar Panels from Thermo King for Greater Sustainable Power Management
17th May 2018 Thermo King Introduces the Power of Connectivity to its Vehicle-Powered Transport Refrigeration Units
4th May 2018 The sustainable cold chain – 6 ideas for cutting back on emissions
24th April 2018 Thermo King Adds New Models to its B-Series All-Electric, Zero-Emission Transport Refrigeration Units
15th March 2018 Electric and Hybrid Transport Refrigeration from Thermo King and Frigoblock at CV Show 2018
23rd February 2018 Thermo King Recognizes 2017 Dealer Award Winners
1st February 2018 Thermo King SLXi Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration Unit Receives 
European Transport Award for Sustainability 2018
25th January 2018 Henderson’s SPAR Fleet in Northern Ireland Cools with Thermo King SLXi Units
12th January 2018 Thermo King Partners with VTS for Better Temperature-Controlled Pharmaceutical Transportation and Logistics
28th November 2017 Thermo King Introduces New Energy Logging Software
 for Magnum Plus Reefer Units
21st November 2017 Thermo King Introduces Innovative SLXi Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration Units
21st November 2017 Thermo King stellt innovative SLXi Hybrid-Sattelaufliegerkältemaschinen vor
21st November 2017 Thermo King présente une innovation : les groupes frigorifiques SLXi hybrides pour semi-remorques
9th November 2017 Thermo King Showcases New Customer-focused Solutions at the Intermodal Europe Show in Amsterdam
26th October 2017 Thermo King and Frigoblock Bring the Future of Transport Refrigeration to Solutrans 2017 in Lyon, France
10th October 2017 Thermo King to Address Sustainable Passenger Mobility Technologies at Busworld Europe 2017
19th September 2017 Thermo King Professor Kool Best Practice Videos Unveil Expert Insights on the Refrigeration Units’ Operations
16th August 2017 Thermo King Manufacturing Facility in Galway, Ireland with Zero Waste to Landfill
26th June 2017 Thermo King Recognized as the Best Brand by Readers of German Trade Magazines
4th May 2017 Thermo King Recognizes 2016 Dealership Excellence
21st March 2017 Thermo King Introduces New All-Electric, Zero-Emission B-100 30 Refrigeration Unit for Small Trucks and Vans
14th March 2017 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK to Showcase Transport Refrigeration Solutions for Today and Tomorrow at CV Show 2017 in Birmingham
8th March 2017 Product enhancements on the Direct Drive range
16th February 2017 Thermo King Premiers the New SLXi Units at the Transpotec Show in Verona, Italia
15th November 2016 Thermo King SG-3000 Gensets Chosen for Qatar’s New Hamad Port, the Largest Port Project in the Middle East.
26th October 2016 Thermo King to Address Customer Needs for Marine Temperature Control Technologies at the Intermodal Europe Show
28th September 2016 Thermo King Heat Pump Air-Conditioning Units Equip VDL Bus & Coach Electric Buses in Germany and the Netherlands
21st September 2016 Thermo King Unveils Intelligent Solutions for the Future of Refrigerated Transport at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show 2016
13th September 2016 Thermo King Showcases Customer-Proven Climate Control Solutions for Rail Systems at InnoTrans in Berlin
28th July 2016 Thermo King Set to Innovate at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover, Germany
27th June 2016 Thermo King Wins Prestigious Best Brand Award from German Trade Magazines
23rd June 2016 Fowler Welch halves CO2 emissions with UK first eco trailer
26th April 2016 Thermo King Introduces New V-200s Series of Compact and Powerful Refrigeration Units for Small Delivery Vans and Trucks
8th April 2016 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Address the Environmental Challenges of Refrigerated Transportation at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016
8th April 2016 Swedish Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Sales and Service Network is Now Combined as Part of Thermo King Svenska AB
30th March 2016 New animated Direct Drive video announced
22nd March 2016 Thermo King ThermoLite Solar Panels for Continuous Charging and Extended Refrigeration Units’ Battery Life
16th February 2016 Thermo King Cools the Innovative DHL ‘Double Decker High-Loader’ Airline Catering Concept Truck
17th November 2015 Thermo King Launches TracKing – Marine Gensets Telematics Solution
17th November 2015 Thermo King Announces New Standard Refrigerant in its Complete Portfolio of Truck and Trailer Units in Europe
3rd November 2015 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Present Comprehensive Portfolio of Refrigerated Transportation Solutions at Solutrans
2nd November 2015 Thermo King Highlights Advanced Marine Solutions at Intermodal Europe 2015
26th October 2015 Thermo King GDP Pharma Refrigerated Trailer Units in DB Schenker Fleet
20th October 2015 Thermo King and FRIGOBLOCK Showcase Wide Portfolio of Transport Refrigeration Options at BedrijfsautoRAI
19th October 2015 Thermo King High Performance Truck Units Compatible with Next Generation Low GWP Refrigerant Now Available in Europe
16th October 2015 Thermo King Launches Innovative Heat Pump Technology for Electric and Hybrid Buses
16th October 2015 Thermo King Showcases New Technologies and Sustainability-Driven Solutions at Busworld Kortrijk 2015
16th October 2015 Ingersoll Rand’s Thermo King Acquires Celtrak a Global Leader in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions
30th September 2015 Thermo King Whisper™ Technology in Musgrave Wholesale Partners’ New, Quiet and Efficient Distribution Fleet
25th September 2015 Double Success for Thermo King at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Awards
11th September 2015 Thermo King Showcases Latest Technologies in Sustainable Transport Refrigeration at the TCS&D Exhibition 2015
9th September 2015 Complete Range of Thermo King Single- and Multi-Temperature SLXe Trailer Units with R-452A Refrigerant Now with ATP Certification
8th July 2015 Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Solutions with R-452A Reach 500 Units Sold in Europe
16th June 2015 Thermo King Honoured for 11th Consecutive Year in the “Best Brand” Awards Survey by German Trade Magazines
28th May 2015 Road Transport and Thermo King Head Towards Environmental Performance with EcoWise™ Product Portfolio
20th May 2015 Safeguard your cargo with the Thermo King Alarm Codes tool
20th May 2015 Re-designed global Dealer Locator website offers enhanced search options
12th May 2015 Enterprise Flex-E-Rent Expands its Temperature Controlled Rental Fleet with Thermo King Units
21st April 2015 Thermo King Trailer Refrigeration Units that Reduce Global Warming Potential Hit the Road in Europe
8th April 2015 Thermo King Latest Technology and Sustainable Advancements in Transport Refrigeration at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015
17th March 2015 Thermo King Recognizes 2014 Dealership Excellence
13th March 2015 Thermo King Leaders Discuss Case Studies of CO2 Sustainable Delivery at ATMOsphere Conference in Brussels, Belgium
9th March 2015 Farmexim Improves Distribution of Critical Pharmaceuticals with Updated Thermo King Refrigerated Trucks
5th March 2015 Ingersoll Rand Acquires FRIGOBLOCK
10th February 2015 Thermo King V-800 MAX Spectrum Delivers Increased Flexibility and More Powerful Multiple-Temperature Transportation
4th February 2015 Thermo King Shows How to Extend Shipping Distance while Maintaining Cargo Quality at FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin
30th January 2015 Thermo King Dealership Network Grows to Provide More Extensive Service to Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
26th January 2015 Thermo King Shows How to Extend Shipping Distance while Maintaining Quality During Transport of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at FRUIT LOGISTICA
25th November 2014 Delhaize Belgium is First to Sustainable Delivery with CryoTech Temperature Controlled Solutions
24th November 2014 Thermo King Voted 2014 OEM of the Year, Wins Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Award
13th November 2014 New Thermo King Passive Refrigeration Concept Delivers Continuous Cold Chain Operations
12th November 2014 Thermo King Offers New Choices to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Intermodal and Marine Transport Refrigeration
7th November 2014 New Thermo King Active Controlled Atmosphere Solution Extends Shipping Distance and Maintains Quality of Fresh Goods
6th November 2014 Thermo King Advances Temperature Control Technology through Revolutionary Solutions Introduced at Intermodal Europe
9th October 2014 VDL Bus & Coach Equips Their Hybrid Buses with Tailored-Made Thermo King Air-Conditioning Units
1st October 2014 Thermo King Offers New Choices to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Transport Refrigeration
24th September 2014 Thermo King Unveils the Latest Technology and Sustainable Advancements in Transport Refrigeration at IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2014
22nd September 2014 Thermo King Discusses Innovative Climate Control Solutions for Rail Systems at InnoTrans in Berlin
12th September 2014 Thermo King to Mark Important Milestones and Unveil New Customer-Driven Solutions and Services at IAA
22nd July 2014 Thermo King Voted “Best Brand” by Reputable German Trade Magazines for the Tenth Consecutive Year
8th July 2014 Dixon International Selects Thermo King TracKing™ for Real-Time Fleet Monitoring
24th June 2014 Transit Buses on the Road to Sustainability with Thermo King Athenia E-Series Air-Conditioning Modules
9th June 2014 Thermo King Extends Warranty on Vehicle Powered Refrigeration Units in Europe, Middle East and Africa
9th June 2014 Whisper-Quiet and PIEK-Certified Multi-Temperature SLXe Spectrum Unit Delivers Peak Performance
15th April 2014 Thermo King Keeps it Cool and Quiet at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2014
9th April 2014 Asda on Track to Achieve Sustainability Goals with Greener, Quieter Fleet
2nd April 2014 Japan’s Kyowa Shipping Expands Fleet with MAGNUM PLUS Reefers
26th March 2014 Thermo King Celebrates 2013 Dealership Performance Excellence Awards
21st March 2014 Thermo King Delivers Peace of Mind with CARB Compliant Genset Platform
28th February 2014 Hospital of Southern Jutland Selects Thermo King ColdCube™ Pharma Containers For Secure Pharmaceutical Transport
10th February 2014 Keeping the 2014 Winter Games Cool: Thermo King mobile service centre provides 24/7 support to refrigerated delivery vehicles during the Winter Games
28th November 2013 Thermo King TouchPrint Data Logger Offers Data Transparency for Increased Load Protection
25th November 2013 Thermo King CryoTech Range Recognized with European Transport Award for Sustainability 2014
14th November 2013 Thermo King Introduces New PIEK-Certified Refrigeration Unit for Quiet Distribution
12th November 2013 Thermo King Showcases Innovative Solutions for Urban Distribution at Solutrans
29th August 2013 Thermo King Introduces PharmaSolutions, a Comprehensive Offering Dedicated Exclusively to the Pharmaceuticals Industry
8th August 2013 Thermo King Introduces New V-600 and V-800 Series of Powerful Refrigeration Units for City Distribution
25th July 2013 Thermo King Expands its Dealer Network in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
3rd June 2013 Thermo King Celebrates a 75-Year Legacy of Innovation for the Transport Temperature Control Industry
24th May 2013 Thermo King Leader Discusses Best Practices for Rail Carriages at Third Annual Modern Railways Conference in Singapore
9th April 2013 Thermo King Mobile ColdCube™ Containers Provide Precise Temperature Control and Easy Transport
5th March 2013 Thermo King Successfully Pilots Industry’s First Refrigeration Unit Powered by a Light Commercial Van Battery
28th February 2013 Whisper Option for Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Units Helps Ensure Lowest Possible Noise Levels
14th November 2012 http://europe.thermoking.com/mediaroom/mediaroom-cms/?article_id=39
17th October 2012 SPAR Converts Fleet to Innovative, Cost-Saving, Cooling Technology That Increases Efficiency and Sustainability
15th October 2012 Coop Logistik AB Redesigns Transport Logistics to Increase Sustainability, Significantly Reducing CO2 Emissions
19th September 2012 Thermo King Zero Emissions Trailer Unit Optimizes Power Management and Minimizes Energy Consumption
19th September 2012 New Range of Thermo King Road Transport Refrigeration Units Offer Even Greater Industry-Leading Fuel Efficiency
19th September 2012 New Thermo King Athenia Bus Air Conditioning Modules Provide Increased Energy and Operational Efficiency and Sustainability
1st September 2012 Thermo King Unveiling New Customer-Driven Solutions at IAA
26th June 2012 Thermo King Receives Ninth Consecutive AFSCA for Best Reefer Cargo Equipment Provider – Sea Freight
5th June 2012 Readers Recognise Thermo King as Best Brand for Record-Breaking Eighth Consecutive Year
14th May 2012 Thermo King Launches SLXe-300 Ferry for Growing Mid- and Long-Haul Ferry Market
1st May 2012 Thermo King Offers Industry’s First Innovative Microchannel Coils on Segment Leading T-Series Units
17th February 2012 Telematics article for Thermo King media
12th January 2012 Intermodal strategies for UK railways