Press Release 

Thermo King SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Solutions with R-452A Reach 500 Units Sold in Europe

8th July 2015

Thermo King a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced today that its SLXe™ trailer refrigeration units, the first refrigerated transportation solution compatible with next generation, low global warming potential (GWP) R-452A refrigerant, sold over 500 units in Europe within the first three months on the market.

Thermo King has been the first manufacturer to introduce the new R-452A refrigerant in temperature control transportation. We are pleased to see the industry is responding positively to our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Karin De Bondt, vice president, Thermo King Europe Middle East and Africa. “Over 500 units in the field already demonstrates a good adoption rate of the R-452A solution and shows that customers demand high performance products in addition to opportunities to reduce their environmental impact.”

The new SLXe trailer units are among the first products in the EcoWise™ portfolio. Ingersoll Rand created the EcoWise portfolio for its climate and industrial refrigerant-bearing products, which are designed to lower environmental impact with next generation, low GWP refrigerants and high efficiency operation.

The SLXe trailer units are compatible with the next generation DuPont™ Opteon® XP44 (R-452A) refrigerant which has about 50 percent less GWP than the current refrigerant. The units further lower the environmental impact thanks to innovative enhancements from Thermo King including:

  • Micro-channel condenser coils that allow for even lower refrigerant charge and minimize the risk of leakage.
  • Low-noise operation with a specially designed acoustic package that reduces the creation of sound energy and contains it at the source allowing the unit to reach PIEK-certified noise levels of 60dB(A) or less at a 7.5-meter radius.
  • Patented geo-fencing controllers to automatically switch into low-noise mode when entering a controlled zone.

Later in 2015, Thermo King will offer the same benefits and expand the R-452A refrigerant product offering to its extensive truck transport solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.