Go completely emission-free with the Advancer—e. This addition to the Advancer family takes your sustainability to the next level – with the same efficiency, powerful cooling and variable airflow you know from the landmark Advancer unit!

With engineless operations and high compatibility with alternative power sources, Advancer—e is the ideal choice to future-proof your fleet!

Engineless operations

No engine and no fuel. Advancer—e unlocks true full-electric operations! Shrink your fuel costs and up your sustainability without sacrificing cooling capacity or tight temperature control.

  • Lower your carbon footprint by up to 10 tons of CO2 every year*
  • Drastically lower your fuel costs

* can vary depending on usage profile and ambient conditions

Suitable for any journey

Advancer—e is suitable for both inter-regional and inner-city deliveries. As with any Advancer unit, you can expect powerful cooling performance, high capacity, and ultra-efficient operations, guaranteeing excellence on the highways. But thanks to Advancer—e’s engineless operations, the unit can also operate in the heavily regulated last mile.

Neighbors can sleep soundly, no matter what time of night you deliver. Thanks to engineless, all-electric – you’ll be whisper-quiet!

From combustion-engine bans and Zero-Emission Zones, the last mile can be tricky to navigate. The Advancer—e is fully compliant with the strictest emission regulations, giving you access to the inner cities.

Compatible power sources

Investing in Advancer—e is investing in the future – and getting ahead of upcoming regulations.

Advancer—e is compatible with a great variety of power sources that can guarantee your cargo remains protected, no matter the state of your battery!


Powered by axle and battery
Let the road power Advancer—e. AxlePower captures and stores the energy generated by breaking and downhill driving – and uses it to power your refrigeration unit with sustainable, reclaimed energy.


Powered by battery
Charge up your high-voltage Energ-e pack during loading and unloading, and power the Advancer—e from the battery while on the roads. No fuel, no emissions, full power.


Powered by alternator and inverter
Power Advancer—e with EnviroDrive, Frigoblock’s alternator technology. The unit runs electrically via a high-performance and high-efficiency alternator and inverter, driven by the vehicle’s engine.

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